1. iMilk

    Back to normal hud.

    Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? Yes Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? No What game are you trying to install ESF into? Half-life Are you behind a router or firewall? Yes, but disabled for hl Are all your drivers updated? Yes What in-game video mode are you...
  2. I

    Help|can u pls tell me where can i find normal bots for 1.3 openbeta?

    i am using the bots from 1.2.3 but after few min it crash can someone give me link for good bots that doesnt crash the game :D ?
  3. dusty122

    just me or its normal

    yea i have the 1.3 beta version, is there something wrong with the transformations cuz they dont look the same as the 1.2.3 version. 1.2 was sooo EPIC and now its like no screeming or no sound, no amazing graphics. when i transform i used the powerlevel changer and i went from...
  4. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  5. K​.part1​.rar

    I cant play Esf 1.3. when i go in the game it just closes i tried it 20 times i restarted my computer and still it doesent work ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:54 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:42 AM at ---------- I have CS 1.6 and Half-Life, but when i start up...
  6. J-Dude

    Help Understanding Normal Mapping (3dsmax7)

    Okay, I know what normal maps are, but I've never tried doing one before. I know you can use UVW unwrap and all that to make a custom one in Photoshop, but I'm more talking about normal mapping that creates a map from a high res model and applies it to a low res version model. I'm just...
  7. The Deco

    Plugin request for normal esf

    If someone is thoughtful/bored/etc enough to make for my server a plugin. Now I would do it by myself but I don't got a clue on how to do it. Now, someone gave me a plugin that if you ki powerup and turbo on the same time your powerlevel will increase in 25% (sort of like the esf 1.3 charge)...
  8. |Overlord|

    Giving Krillin another transformation (inbetween Normal & Mystic)

    I really think Krillin should get a transformation inbetween his current transformation status. Reasons for suggestin this other then the obvious is, your'e practically hopeless in melee against other characters that have the speed advantage (unless you skill is good, but even then you reach...
  9. dany_goku

    Brolly normal form

    This is my Brolly.
  10. Bandock

    Oddity in a Normal Half-Life Level

    Heres an oddity I found in C4A1 map if no one has found it yet (some might have already). I remember ppl talking in the old ESF forums (I did not post since then) about loading certain normal half-life levels in Earth Special Forces a few years ago (might've been back in around 2002/2003)...
  11. Killface

    Metabolism issues, is this normal?

    Yeah, ummm... I think I have some metabolic problems. Wierd fluctuations between my weight. Alright, 7 days ago I was 153lbs. 3 Days ago I weighed 141 lbs, then today I weighed myself and I was 147lbs. Is this normal to be shifting in weight this dramatically in such little time?
  12. TeKNiK

    Normal Map Study

    I've known how to normal map for quite sometime, but untill recently my results varied way to much for me to rely on it. Thus, for the past few days I've been studying normal mapping and doing several demo runs of it. Here is my latest, the anatomy isn't right and i'm not going to pretend it...
  13. N

    Half life source or normal one

    i need which CD? Half life source or half life?Please Reply Fast.
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Normal to Transformed State Idea.

    When you are ready to ascend, you gain a new bar on the hud. When you press "z" the bar slowly rises, but will rise faster if you actually press "e" and charge ki. During this time, you will have a special "ascending" aura around your character, like turbo. You will also gain 1.5 times stats...
  15. Imp.GuranGa

    Brolly (normal) WiP

    Ka.. Ka.. Kakarotto !!! Made a Brolly for practice don't know If it would be for a game ore something and I hope I can finish it but I think I can because I stoped smoking and Blowing so I have a lot of free time to spare :yes: Btw the PC is: 693 (hl2 engine I think if it's going to be for...
  16. D2

    Goku - Normal Status

    Goku's <- :P Heej Guy's it's me again with another model to pimp out and ask for some tips etc. here is a FlatShade Click to Enlarge And here is a Smooth Shade Click to Enlarge Poly count is @ 2300 +/- Hope you like it ^_^
  17. N

    Trunks (Normal & SSJ), and Goku (Normal & SSJ)

    Couple of models i did for Saviour of Strength, so no these aren't for ESF! :) Trunks: wallpaper 800 x 600: wallpaper 1024 x 768: SSJ Trunks wallpaper 800 x 600: wallpaper 1024 x 768...
  18. S

    Normal Vegeta WIP

    Normal GT Vegeta WIP My Newest lil experiment took about 2 days for the face :P i hated thatnthe rest kinda fell in place and i will update it later bedtime.....
  19. Shao

    Seperate sounds for different stages (normal vs. SSJ)

    Hi there! EVM has seperate sounds for different stages of your player, for example: when turning SSJ2, a special sound is dedicated to their transformation and a different sound is dedicated for their SSJ3 transformation. For ESF 1.3 (maybe), I was wondering if seperate sounds could be...
  20. D

    Goku (Normal stage)

    Well i finaly got the time to finish FTP's normal Goku , and like always modified many things , besides readed Sbolt s post on the Trunks tread , and didnt want to disapoint him , i am still modeling , skining etc... :yes: , anyway Heres normal goku C&C are welcomed :)