1. Mkilbride

    BioWare / EA says they will disable your account / games for negative posts.

    So recently, a user on the BioWare forums left a negative review of some aspects of Dragon Age II. He went to go play it, only to find he was banned from it for 72 hours...for his comments made on the forums. This is out of control these days...I can understand if he did something illegal...
  2. M

    Negative Reviews Silenced

  3. Disguise

    Negative Ki or Stamina results in a Stun?

    I don't mean to pick at what you said, Grega, just putting it to good use. ^_^ First, if Ki drains regularly from swooping and teleporting, you're "stunning yourself." It'd be more of a penalty, yes, but I don't think in a fantasy-like fighting game it really applies. In a realistic one, yeah...
  4. imkongkong

    negative ki bar

    i have an idea for the ki bar... it would be possible to do moves that would require more ki than wut would be showed... if you dont have enough ki to fully charge an attack, your ki bar would go into a negative color... for instance i want to charge a fully charged final flash and i have...
  5. Vegeta

    GT Vegeta Pack {Release?}

    I just finished my first model edit, so go easy on the negative crits plz. Its a GT vegeta pack. It comes with Vegeta,Super Saiyan, and Baby(Bebi). I did most textures,and editing. Sounds included. Credits: SS_Vegeta (For the GT Vest) Azn dragon (For Mystic Gohan Head and some of...
  6. owa

    Negative J

    Hey, The local scene around where I live is fairly good, but there hasn't been any GREAT bands that I thought would do good if they could get noticed, alas around here on Prince Edward Island, Canada you don't get noticed by big companies or even Inie Labels, so no bands aroudn here are on...
  7. Farago

    Negative ki bar

    [Read everything and be honest before voting or posting] I think your ki bar should be able to go to negative. When your ki bar is at negative, you become weak. One way you can acually reach negative is if you keep charging an attack while you have no ki anymore. So after you shoot an...
  8. GoldSaiyan

    Random Katana

    This is just an Katana, I've made it by looking at a original Katana. And drawing it on the computer. Even though this picture sucks, I am much better with drawing pictures with the pencil. I can understand it that people will start hammering me with negative words. So hammer away :)...
  9. Z


    allright this is my newest sig, ive been messing around with the BG and i allready know my trunks isnt cut out very well so what do u think about it?
  10. S

    New sig.....-Hornet

    Well ive got my taste for cg back, heres a sig i made for myself I call it 'Hornet' +that thing in the bg is my new logo EDIT: another version of it
  11. IceFire2050

    would this work?

    ok i know nothing about mapping but tell me if this would work for a map like king kai's planet cause people say half-life doesnt support multiple gravity sources make the map 4 rooms and break the planet into the 4 peices and make huge doorways (that look like background) and when u walk...