1. |Overlord|

    The thing you hate most about n00bs

    Well, vote. I hate it when they accuse youof using h4x and go "y0u fkn haka turn off th0s3 h4x y0u ch34p 4ss O/. It's the esfn00bs that normally get on my nerves when they insult you and such and call you a freak jsut for being better then them. Counter-Strike player that accuse you of hacking...
  2. _Goku_

    I ask for help and what do i get n00bs even in reading?

    That thing u aim with , is not called crossair??? or how it's called , no matter , how do i change it's forme , and by the way , why dosen't anywone help ???? I put a post and get a answer about HAIR . common dudes , try and read better
  3. M

    any n00bs around?

    Hey I just started and I was wondering if there are any n00bs that wanna start a clan with me? as I said Im a n00b to... I live in sweden so I dunno if it will be easy to play together but if your interested, ad me in your contacts list in msn and we'll talk! my msn: [email protected] Let...
  4. D


    ;( ;( hello i have to tell all people who do this, i hate it when i am meleeing and the only thing the opponent n00b can do is block so he teleport a bit and wait for me (blocking) to swoop on him. And when i swoop on him (mostley i don't have the time to teleport away) he kicks me afther i...
  5. B

    wanna be a bomberman (only for n00bs)

    pm me if you want to learn for bomberman you`ll be a blast if you do it
  6. CM

    Graphics/Artwork Battle!

    This is an open challenge. its very common in other forums, and now im bringing it here. heres the drill. Someone accepts my challenge, and we have a GFX (graphics battle). now if you want to battle me, reply saying i accept, then after that, someone voulenteers to be the judge by responding...
  7. P

    n00bs are pissing me off!

    I have been kicked from 15 servers in 2 days because i am able to kill them better than they can kill me does anyone else feel my pain? I try adding ~ to my name ,but that just delays the kick 23 seconds
  8. D

    LOL n00bs

    I just got banned off a server (it was only one a guy made so its ok) but it was for cheating?????? the guys names were P00 Man and some guy called Mark. There "HOLD DOWN BLOCK FOREVER" strategy wasnt working so that made me a cheater just thought id tell everyone in case u get called a...
  9. Mr. Satans

    My Theory On Melee H8ers & ESF n00bs

    I haven't been conducting scientific studies on esf n00bs and people who gripe about melee, and here is what I have come up with >> n00bs & melee h8z0rs probably act something like....THIS
  10. M

    Smo made skinning tutorial

    not for n00bs!, you need a skinmap and sum photo shop skillz http://home.iprimus.com.au/spennings/tutorials.htm
  11. Dr. Zaius

    N00bs read this

    Jeez, I hear this on every server i join... There are no additional transformations for any character, only one transformation per character, that's it. Really. I feel like we need to put in big letters at the top of everyone's screen "ONLY ONE TRANSFORMATION PER CHARACTER IS POSSIBLE" for at...
  12. Death The Jedi

    I wuz bored...

    so I made this: tell me what you think **EDIT** Futora Warfare is a mod thingy for ESF that i'm working on, just thought I'd let you know
  13. E

    2 little question beta 1.1

    i have 2 little question about beta 1.1. 1. did the skins/models work with beta 1.1 like ssj2gohan,ssj2majinvegeta,ultratrunk? 2. did the bots from beta 1.0 work with 1.1 or did u make new?
  14. D

    4 n00bs

    For All EFS n00bs i will be holding a n00b battel the sever is Death by Assassins (DbA):)
  15. AscensionX

    The Aura is Finished

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Well, after a 'long' wait, the aura is finished. The colour's work perfectly, the animation looks good. The only drawback is that i can't code it into esf, so the colour you choose for your aura will be used for all of the characters. So...
  16. HyperSaiyaman

    Ultra Vegeta

    There are a lot of models but why dont you make a good model with vegeta, remeber the cell saga when trunks goes ultra super saiyan were his muscles goes bigger , well that would be a good model, and please post your home pages i love to download models for my esf, another model you can make...
  17. B0Bmaster40000

    ESF_Falls is done

  18. M

    How to make models with Milkshape ?

    I would like to learn how to make models for esf but i dont know how to make it. So if u could guy's give me some advice i would know more to make someday a model for esf.
  19. I

    Umm.. Can Someone Make a Skin Of Bardock you no goku's dad..

  20. Epedemic_Optikz

    For All The Melee n00bs

    I Mean C 'mon now y won't u stop with the melee whoring and complaining about it.the only reason u peeps complain about melee whoring is becuz u suck at it.Challenge me if u like im strong and melee is by far the best feature added so far.It Takes Skill To Master Melee But I Guess alot of...