1. Viper

    Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer

    I wish they showed some Deathmatch videos, Domination isn't the best example of AC gameplay. The PC port will be done by the studio which ported Revelations and hopefully they learned something from that experience, bringing us a better PC version this year. (if they don't delay it further)...
  2. N

    how do i play esf in multiplayer mode?

    when it searches for servers it says (could not contact master game server to retrieve server list) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help :cry:
  3. Viper

    Gothic 2 Multiplayer

    It is real and it does work! Enjoy!
  4. Viper

    Medal of Honor PC Multiplayer Open Beta I think it's better than Modern Warfare both in single and in multiplayer, but I'll let you guys figure that out for yourselves.
  5. Skyrider

    Dying in Diablo II multiplayer makes you lose skills?

    I was playing alone today (Diablo II LOD) to gain some levels in multiplayer. I was at level 4 and I died because I wasn't paying attention to my health points. I lost all my money, weapons and Armour.. Find, I can deal with that. But I also lost my fireball skill (I am a sorcerer).. Is this...
  6. Painkiller

    Playing Multiplayer Fighting game on 2 pcs

    Hey guys I'm sending M.A.M.E. 32 to my cousin right now. He wants us to play that game, ofc it can be played on 1 pc only. So if there's a software good enough for me to enter his PC and play the game. Something like TeamViewer, but better, ofcourse.
  7. J-Dude

    Crysis Multiplayer Review/Rant

    Anyone who's been a part of my "buggiest games ever" thread probably can tell I've been playing Crysis again lately. You might also notice Crysis came out in 2007 and it is now 2 years removed from then. Back when I first got the game, I reviewed it's campaign and shared my thoughts on...
  8. KidMan

    Multiplayer Games

    I'm looking for extremely good multiplayer games. Console only. And please don't add any of the Mario Party or Halo games. I already know they are good. Super Nintendo, Genesis, N64, Ps1, Ps2, Gamecube are the consoles. RPG, Fighting, Beat'em Ups, Shooters and Platformers are the types of...
  9. Skyrider

    Searching for Multiplayer games

    Does anyone knows some Multiplayer games? I don't mean multiplayer games to play on the internet. I mean more multiplayer that i can play with someone on this computer. So i can play some games with my GirlFriend :D
  10. Ravendust

    PS3: Region Free/Free Online Multiplayer

    About time the PS3 got some good news. Sony will still be offering a premium online service (which you have to pay for) but it's good news to most that simply playing games online will be free. The fact...
  11. sub

    Massively Multiplayer Pong!!! I do believe we have a WoW killer. Yes, it actually is a pong MMO. It averages the mouse positions.
  12. J

    How come I cannot play Multiplayer?

    Everytime I try to connect to a server, it says that my cl_dlls differs from the servers. Also, I keep on getting this bug where the game xits and tells me about a fatal error. Can anyone help? I even tried to install latest patch and it did not work. This is for Half Life One
  13. B

    My esf only has Multiplayer any help

    Ok i installed it fine no problems there and then i ran hlaf life b4 i tried to run it like someone said in another hread but then when the game opened it only had multiplayer and then when i clicked on it it still didnt work Any ideas anyone thanx :laff:
  14. O

    Cant use multiplayer

    Hi, new here and allready having troubles. I used to play ESf but then my pc crashed and i had to install everything again. But now whenever i want to open the multiplayer (on HL or ESF) it says "You version of HL is out of date". I downloaded patches, i updated it to v. and i'm still...
  15. M

    i cant play multiplayer

    the steam cant conect with the servers and if i write the ip in the game they say taht i use oher protocol version, some help??? i have half life v1110 anf esf123
  16. Maikeri

    how to join other people's multiplayer games?

    i have half-life 1 installed and when i start it up and go to the multiplayer i see no games hosted.also when i try to host a game it crashes.
  17. S

    Multiplayer problems

    O_o Okay I use steam to play online, and when ever I manage to connect to the game I cant move or see my character model, it also seems as if some one else is moving the model :(
  18. Lt.Zack

    Kings of Chaos, Free multiplayer strategy game (over 150000 players)

    Hey anyone bored? well if you are or if you just want to play a fun turn baised strategy game.. so if you want to join my army, be one of my officers (allows for my protection from attacks since you will be just starting) or you can start on your own...anyway click here to findout more or sign...
  19. T

    help in workin multiplayer plz

    HELP i need help installing it because it keeps sayin:MOd_numforname:sprites/voiceicon.spr not found wat do i do plz i beg u neone :talk: :talk: oh n i dun have bots too is that the prob?
  20. G

    wen i play i dont have a radar and the multiplayer options looks different

    the multiplayer options looks different by the way im using dod retail for it wen the shorcut asked cannot find csstrike.exe i just used dod (i dont have cs tfc or hl just dod retail) oya i installed it into the dod folder its not in anywher just program files\day of defeat\esf and my...