1. H

    importing a model into ms3d...

    the mdl is made out of 220 animation files (smd) 1 object file (smd) some BMPs and a QC file... im trying to import a model from my ESF dir into Milkshape for practice modeling but it has over 200 animations.. and i have to import them 1 by 1... is there any faster way to import it all the...
  2. dudmoraes1

    MS3D Help!

    Can I Open .mdl files with MilkShape3D? if there is a way please post:cry: (sorry for the bad english):S
  3. LionHeart

    ms3d modeling=>>maps

    can u put models made in ms3d in maps like rock models for example
  4. J-Dude

    Why does MS3d make you pay???

    Hey, I just thought I'd go out on a limb here and ask why-tf people call Milkshape freeware and how "everybody" has it if they make you pay an outrageous $25 fee to use it after 30 days??? We all know noobs don't pay for things, so how come all the noobs seem to use this program forever??? I...
  5. V

    Importing model to ms3d and compiling

    well, while im hoping my old account will get a new password wich i will get, i though i will ask now on this forum if someone could help me out. i?ve just rigged the main important parts for compiling, but the main problem i have is: When i?m importing my Riku to ms3d the mesh get...
  6. -Blaze-

    DBZ char tutorial for ms3d?

    Can someone create or give me a link to a dbz char making tutorial? o_o Well, step by step, modelling, creating skin, animating, etc. ;) PLZ, i RLY want to learn modelling. (IN MILKSHAPE ONLY :devgrin: )
  7. Mirai_no_Trunks

    need help at ms3d

    When i'm making the materials with: ambient,diffuse,specular,emissive it's looking allright but when i compile the model, ingame and in mdlviewer it's looking like nothing changed the first time ....
  8. D

    I use MS3D but i wonder....

    I use MS3d and have yet to complete one of my models cuz they all suck imo.So i just start over.I was wondering is there a program easier to use then ms3d,i understand it and everything but would another program be better.Like gmax or lightwave 3D.If i switch to another program would they...
  9. C

    ms3d or other

    Cazn someone pls give me a ms3d with the serial that works ?? i wana animate the models
  10. S

    W.I.P. 2nd Time with Ms3d eva :P

    What you think about dat =?
  11. The_Forgotten

    Converting a ms3d to a 3ds

    How do you do it?
  12. G


    im having problems with ms3d. it has expired now and i cant save my works on it anymore (not that i was really using but it's always nice trying to model something crazy hehe) so.. i dont know if im allowed to ask it in here but does anyone know how i can "unexpire" it? and to the mods...
  13. Amayirot Akago

    Need help compiling a model in MS3D

    I decided I'd try to attach my guitar model to the ESF Trunks model in place of his sword for fun. So, I deleted the sword, placed the guitar there instead, attached it to the proper joint, added a skin for the guitar, exported the whole bunch as an SMD (Trunks-Sword.smd), and compiled the QC to...
  14. M

    MS3D rendering

    Well you guys were wondering if there were any good renders and better rendering in MS3D so i decided to post this. I found this site a while back and i have decided to share it with ya. It has better rendering for MS3D not to...
  15. )V(ajinjosh

    som1 plz help me with ms3d!

    can som1 plz tell me how to model, right i herd that u need a background image and stick vertexs around like da face and face it all together but i tried it, it is realy hard can som1 tell me how? :laff:
  16. Enix

    Does anyone know how to get ms3d files in 3dsm?

    Boy do i feel like such a noob asking this but can you help me out?I wanna render my ms3d files in 3d studio max, can someone help me out?
  17. J

    MS3D Groups

    Hey in ms3d is it possible to merge groups? Like if i made a box and a circle having them one group instead of 2 seperate groups?
  18. M

    How to compile MS3D files to HL(ESF) Models!!!

    well, I have read the stickies and searched through the tuts... but there just isnt 1 clear explanation about how exactly am I suppose to compile my milkshape model to ESF HALF LIFE .mdl file that works!!! I dont know how to use the qc scripts but since I must base my model on the ESF ones...
  19. N

    Little help with MS3D...

    Ok, I edited the Gohan that comes with ESF as a default, I added a little bit of hair to make it look more evened out.. I edited it in 3dsmax, then exported it as a .3ds then imported it into MS3D. I tried instantly exporting it as a .smd, but it said it found vertices that havent' been...
  20. G

    model compiling in MS3D