New Methods of Moving around in ESF

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Oct 25, 2005
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Here is what i came up with.

Double tapping is the regular swoop. Triple tapping could be The triple swoop that allows a player to go nearlly 2 times faster but at a much higher ki cost.

If this isn't givin to every character at least give it to Crillin because in the show after crillin went to see the "Elder Namek" the namek unlocked Crillin's True potential and he was much faster then before. Ide say he was nearly as fast as vegeta.

For buu mabye he could have the ability to disperse his body for a maximum of 4-6 seconds before his body reassembles.While his body is dispersed a player can move around at Floating speeds When he reassembles their could be a 1-2 second delay.

Sprinting: giving to everyone.. while on the ground double tap a direction to sprint.( its as fast as a swoop )

* Give players the ability to Lower their powerlevels *
how it works: Pressing the power down button will make your ki level go to 0 in 2 seconds. While its at zero any damage you take will most likely be life threatening. The good thing is you dont have a red diamond over your head to other players and your not detectable on radar. To gain your ki back simply Powerup + turbo for 3 seconds to have all of your ki back.

* The jump in esf should be fixed * when i swoop forward then jump it goes up too high it should stay lower to the ground.

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