1. Specht

    Slow Motion Rise of Flight This is my first video in Rise of Flight, so be gentle. :p Although one or another scene may be loosely based on historical events, the video is fictional. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you guys enjoy it.
  2. Baaja

    Leap motion ! :D

    Hey guys, what do you think of this? I find it very intriguing and it seems to be many times more accurate and faster than anything on the market right now. This is very exciting and this should be incorporated in many different devices. I really hope this is the future where Apple will be...
  3. Mkilbride

    Synchronized Slow Motion running What...the...
  4. Deathshot

    Tekken: The Motion Picture

    I am hoping it is going to be as it looks by the cover... Atleast they didn't make Jin an American with spiked hair and name him Gok... They chose some pretty accurate looking people for it atleast.
  5. Sicron

    Bury your Wii; Try motion control on the PS3! Check the movie, the amount of precision is awesome. And it seems like it's going to be a million times better than the Wii's motion control. I absolutely loved the bow and arrow tech demo.
  6. Rikmaru

    Ki empty=tired motion.

    well...i dont if this is good at all but...its an idea anyway XD. simple explanation: instead of just fall down when your got a tired emotion from the let your Ki totaly empty=the char gets a ''tired''motion for 2 seconds then he recovers a little bit of
  7. Skyrider

    Movie of The week :: Android 18 Motion Capture

    Enjoy this Android 18 Idle Motion Capture. The real person standing there is MastaSurf, which has been done when we (Ready, Harsens, Me, Masta) have met some time ago. This is a Streamed video, you can either view it online or download it if you wish to do so.
  8. TigerGEO

    Motion BLUR

    What about motion blur when swooping. And another one. When you dont have the turbo on, when you swoop the turbo should?t apear. And when its on swoop faster.
  9. -Blaze-

    Slow motion mode

    Do you want to use slow motion mode, when you are attacked of many beams or many enemies you can click M(default) and you'll get slow motion, so beams couldn't hit you. But i dont know if you will like it. :rolleyes: :no: :yes:
  10. O

    Slow motion

    I just thought that the adv. melee would seem faster if u had slow motion, cuz then there could be shorter pauses between turns and hits. Just a thought. No motion blur btw, it wont look pretty imo.
  11. C

    more motion blur!

    it would be nice if the motion blur is used with attacks. the final flash charge with motion blur for example would look cool :D
  12. Yazuken

    Slow motion sessions

    I think it would be cool if when someone is about to be hit away the game went in slow motion. or maybe when a advance melee battle is about to end.
  13. M

    Slow motion ....

    I think that if the team makes the beams header beagger and if they implement the slowmotion thing from jk2 (it's possible) : EXEMPLE (if the team also implements a fatal move for every character --->like Piccolo's "MA-FU-BA" when he transfers "god" into a bottle and it's it --->from Dragon...