1. donnierisk

    continuous beep on motherboard

    hey everybody. I got a new pc, specs: 2.6 quadcore cpu. 2 gig ram. 3 hardrives (40gb, 250gb and 500gb) new intel mb Sorry for the lack of more information, etc. not at my house now so I can't retrieve them. I was running my computer with the onboard intel graphics and I finally decided to put...
  2. J-Dude

    Problem Installing Motherboard: Alignment Issue

    Building what is "essentially" a new computer, have most of the parts, just waiting on the RAM, so as anxious as I am to get cracking, I thought I'd at least put together what I could for the moment. I however have never dealt with a motherboard install before. This has nothing to do with...
  3. Optional

    Motherboard dead?

    I think my motherboard might be DOA. I had everything plugged in, turned on PSU. No phase LED lights on Mobo turning on, no PSU fan turning. I unplugged every cable except for the ATX12v/ATX power cables to the Mobo and same thing. Any ideas? Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 Intel P45...
  4. elNarr

    Best motherboard for Core 2 Quad-/ Duo ?

    Right, so my mobo is fried right now and i need to get a new one. I've been thinking about getting Abit IP35, but i'm not sure if i should get that. Any advice? Oh and, my CPU right now is e6420 but i'm planning on getting the newest Quad-Core out there in summer.
  5. Valeska

    Video-card, motherboard able to handle ?

    so i've got this motherboard, i know its spanish/france site but just search on google on the motherboard name. as for the question; would it be able to handle Geforce 8500. ive got 2045mb memory
  6. Super Veggeto

    Motherboard fan noises :'x

    My motherboard's fan has started making noises like it's working really hard, happens only when my CPU usage is really high, while playing games or encoding a video for example. I'm 90% sure it's the motherboard fan making the noises because everytime that this noise appears there's warm air...
  7. SailorAlea

    Motherboard Help (Buying)

    I'm looking for a motherboard that supports PCI-Express, and can handle either a Pentium 4 chip, or a Core 2 Duo chip. Do they exist? I ask, because I want to upgrade my computer in small steps--and if I switch to a PCI-express mobo, I have to immediately upgrade my video card, too--and the...
  8. I

    motherboard / pc

    If i wre to buy a mother board and all the necsary part to build a running pc would it run? like does the motherboard already have xp on it or do i need to purchase the cd the place it in my pc, but dusnt the pc need to be running in order to install the cd? i am so F&*#(!g confused please...
  9. Killface

    Case and motherboard question

    Okay, here's the deal. I found this nice case but it only excepts ATX Mobos and my mobo is MATX. Is their anyway to TEMPORARILY connect my MATX motherboard to this case or not. I'm getting a new motherboard in a few weeks so will it work temporarily or not, and how would i rig it up anyway?
  10. Soulicro

    What type is my motherboard?

    Like the titles suggests, Im wondering how can I find out the type of motherboard I got. Anybody willing to explain? Thanks!
  11. SuperDragonFist

    Getting a new motherboard

    hey im getting a new motherboard i was wondering what the best i could get atm dont really have any money restraints and i dont know where to search (already tried googling)... these are my specs right now: CPU type: Intel i1586 CPU speed: 3333 MHz RAM: 512 this is rambus the old one that...
  12. K

    Feng Shui Motherboard?

    - The Link Below Feng Shui Motherboard Ok...that was just bizzaro. Fair enough Feng Shui has its uses in business and in arrangement of furniture and the like but to make a mobo using the elements of Feng Shui and Bagua as a guiding principle is weird. My main question would be how would...
  13. S

    overclocking motherboard

    What is a good motherboard to overclock with and has a good bios to do so? Cost doesn't matter
  14. V

    Hey look who's back

    Hey guys, just wanted to sort some things out here. a) I'm not dead b) I did not quit My motherboard died on me, and it ripped out a vital windows file when it went out. I was unable to repair the file die to a severely damaged boot sector on my HD. I had to reformat my C: partition...