1. #16

    Androids 17, 18 models?

    Are they completed? Dunno, but esf team never shows a17, a18 models.
  2. krzyhox

    New goku models

    HI! I have a question whether you will change the model goku because there is already an old person very much vegety as you are running away from np of models to it.
  3. Ghost_Ryder

    How to convert models to another format?

    I need a program to convert files from the .mdx to .mdl format.
  4. M

    My project for esf 1.2.3: My own patch

    Hey.! First of all excuse my English, I speak Castilian am using the google translator. long record here but I did not know how to make a post. I came to talk about a patch for esf 1.2.3, not sure you do not play, posting it in case anyone is interested. Photos: TAPION: Z...
  5. I

    AF Pack v2.0

    These are the first and second packs for the Ultra AF Pack Link:,7i6ze513bnar3s5 Second Pack Includes: Bardock AF Future Trunks AF Gohan AF Raditz AF Teen Trunks Also some updated characters: Vegetto Gogeta Dont care if you don't like it, it was...
  6. EliteMarine

    Having trouble downloading models.

    I'm having trouble downloading models to ESF. For example EVM with SSJ4 Goku & Vegeta, I did everything the instructions said and it still did not work. For the AF packs for ECX RC2 I exrtact it to the models folder in my esf folder and it still dosent work. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  7. leonelmba1

    Models request - ( Trunks GT and Trunks GT Ssj)

    hi folks, in the past I have downloaded those models (trunks gt and trunks gt ssj) in this link , but now it's died. I have reinstalled esf and now I need them. please, upload for this link reviving or pass for me!!!
  8. LOPAO

    Models voice

    Hi, again. Every model to have his voie . hm for example Vegeta when he transform say kakarot i wnna kill or something like that Or when vegeta kill goku .. "This is you end kakarot" or something like this. :confused: Thank you
  9. Goku.Jr.

    Can Custom models be made for ESF Final? Help with 3d modelers / artists?

    New to the forums , hi. I'm experienced in 3d modeling and texture uv wrapping/unwrapping. I have made many projects in starcraft 2 associating with custom models. I also know a bit of animating and rigging models and I'm continuing to learn it in my college. I use 3ds max and photoshop. I'm...
  10. tuty

    Some models request!

    Hey guys, i want to make a mod for esf 1.2.3 until 1.3 is finished, so i need some player models to do that xD I need: Guldo Zarbon Nappa and the other guys from gynu force becase is long time when i saw the anime, so i forgot their names. So please post here
  11. Painkiller

    [Request] Goku's house models

    Hey guys. Can you help me out to find Goku's house models that I could use? Something similar to this I suppose
  12. omnomnom

    I need help with the AF models!

    So i downloaded the models here: its the AF Vegeta and Goku one, right under the Big Pack download, and i seem to be hacing some trouble with it >:P like i cant use them! I dont see them, and i cant transfrom...
  13. G

    models bug for 1.3 PLEASE HELP!

    i fixed the bug that said recoome.mdl or wat ever, but now it says the same thing except with pcell.mdl please help me. i have esf openbeta final 1.3 thats what the Download was called
  14. Y

    Bot models in ECX RC2

    Hello, I have installed the server configuration but when I add bots to the game I host they all use the 1.2.3 models. Somebody mentioned I could change the 9 defaults to the ECX/Big Pack ones but failed on actually telling us how, so here I am asking for help. Thanks in advance :)
  15. NehuIII

    Two problems with models and players (512)

    This is the problem: Reading bot_names file... done Reading bot_chat file... done Reading bot_personalities file... done Reading sbot.cfg file... done Reading skill.cfg file... done L 04/24/2010 - 13:15:20: -------- Mapchange to sdbz_earth -------- L 04/24/2010 - 13:15:22: [AMXX]...
  16. SG_SSJ!

    Is there a way to put 1.2 models animations on OBF models?

    Is there a way to put 1.2 models animations on OBF models?
  17. R

    Models of ESF

    I found 7 models of characters, see:
  18. O

    Help with New Models!

    i need a little help with how to choose Other models in ESF 1.3 Open Beta Final... i downloaded the models in the add-ons in moddb but i dont know how to choose the models... i have the models ingame and they working... (i think) i tried to put the cursor on gohan (didnt clicked) and then click...
  19. Zero12

    Something wrong with my esf

    Well i have a error when i start a server it says error couldn't not found models player evolution podium.mdl can someone help me:(.
  20. Sting

    I need some Help with adding new joints

    First of all I use Milkshape V1.7.8 I know how to add a joint that isnt really the big problem. But is there a way to make the joint smaller in Milkshape. My goal is to use some joints in the fingers of some models so I can animate the fingers as well. But I am just using Milkshape and...
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