1. RobiZ

    Korin's Tower

    Korin's Tower So I've been working on Korin's Tower model for a less than month now. Here are some pictures where I've managed to get. I would say i have a 90% done models exterior (just the model without textures or maps and interior). Maybe I'll find some bugs and fix them. Also I have to...
  2. Damaera

    My Modeling Thread

    Making a new thread for my latest stuff! A random building that I started to work on a few weeks ago which is pretty much completed: Here's what I'm currently working on now. Just making a bunch of random DBZ buildings. Not sure if I'm going to do anything with them, though: Note: I will...
  3. Kaination

    Kaination's (new) modeling thread.

    So I'm finally taking my intro to 3d modeling class. We just had our first day and ****ed around with extruding, just **** i already knew, so before we go into full swing I decided to quickly model a katana. Basically my first attempt at box modeling / nothing but extruding. don h8
  4. Slofreak

    Help with Modeling Cinema 4D :/

    3 days ago i got my self Cinema 4D. Just so i could do some weapons modeling for mmorpg, i tryed to do some swords but failed badly lol. But thanks to some tutorials i did made this 3D text of my ingame esf name: WARNING huge size >< I still...
  5. EvolutionX


    Hi. I need litle help with modeling. From this model ----> i want to change his head to this model ----> so i did it. When im DONE, in MilkShape 3D it showing like this ---->...
  6. EvolutionX


    Hi. I have MilkShape 3D 30 Days trail license program. I want to change on some goku models the hair model. Can someone tell me how?
  7. Painkiller

    how are the maps for ESF Final made? Hammer and Modeling :)

    Hey guys I'd like to know what exactly the new maps are :) If they are models, can't you simply make the model and import it in hammer? Hehe.. :P :cry:
  8. Darth Revan

    3D studio Max modeling tut Vids

    in this thread i will be posting vids i found very helpfull for bigginers in the modeling world for max so i will start with posting box modeling vids then i will post edge loop modeling vids
  9. Denz

    ESF modeling competition, Battle scene - Denz

    Im making a scene out of KYnetiks internet game, you can find it here wip character model 1500 poly's atm
  10. Nuttzy

    ESF modeling competition, Battle scene

    Ok guys, this is a big one. you are to recreate a battle from an anime, movie, video game, etc. This includes the character models, and the environment that they fight in. you will be judged on the use of triangles, texture space, lighting, etc something kinda like that, just 3d...
  11. Kaination

    First -real- attempt at low poly modeling.

    don't ask me how many verticies, i gotta check that out, but here's what i got so far. file is at school so here's the only current picture i have.
  12. Kaination

    First attempt at low poly character modeling

    Using this tutorial, with Maya, I created! So, what can I do to merge the limbs together? Also, how can I fix the buttox, aka, the ass? Crits much appreciated since this is my first attempt and I want to create more...
  13. Damaera

    Damaera's Modeling Thread

    That's right, I'm back in action, baby! Few shots of a Krillin model that I've been working on.
  14. E

    I need a tutorial on modeling humans

    Hi, I need a good resource for modeling humans. I heard this course being very good but it has not been released yet. do you know of any other good book, tutorial, video training...? I appreciate your help
  15. S

    3d Modeling Contest

    Hello My Name is Derrenus and me and the company I work for Entertainment Enfinity are having a 3d Modeling contest everyone is welcome to join it's free to enter and there will be an cash prize for first second and third place winners come to our home page for more detail
  16. Viper

    Modeling Competition:KOWABUNGA

    Since the forums have been very inactive lately i figured this would help a bit. Ok, so this is how it will work: - each competition will last 3 weeks: two for the modelers to get their work done and one for voting; - there won't be any prize (until i figure something out); - modelers can...
  17. VideoJinx

    Jinx's Modeling Thread.

    :idea:Okay so, the other day Growler over heard me talking and asked to see my work when he learned that I'm still modeling. So basicly this thread is for show-off purposes. :warning:Well mannered crits are welcome. 1) 2) 3) 4) Low Poly[WiP] Keep it clean... ^^...
  18. Fusion Ha

    Modeling Program with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a free modeling program that allows exporting to Direct X format (.x) Thanks in advance :)
  19. VideoJinx

    3D Max Modeling: Tips and Tricks

    Hey I'm starting this thread for everyone learning to model =), including me. Hopefully people can get answers for their questions on modeling here. To get things started, here is my question. Q: Is there a way to change the color of the space around* the model? Because when I render a model...
  20. elcor

    video tutorial of modeling

    hi guys, i have a problem ,because i am spanish and my english is no very well and the tutorial of modeling have a problem with the images ( dont carge any) and me cant go on.I ask if any can make a video tutorial of modeling i like it.PLease help me.In the future i like studi modeling 3d or any...