1. RavenTrunks

    So, ESF:F will be missing a few transformation.

    So now with the talk of Vegeta possibly turning into Super Saiyan 3 and a "Super Saiyan God" being in the battle of gods movie and the movie being CANON, where does that leave ESF in transformations? I Don't think you can make transformations and not include someone's final form. Will they be...
  2. M

    I habe buyed but give me error the server are occupated ( busy ) ?

    Helppp! i have deleted the steam.dll and no have function...pls help me!
  3. DiebytheSword

    Oh where, oh where has the Cucumber been?

    Dear ESF, As you may have noticed, I've been very absent lately. Those who have access to me on a more private level already know: I've been promoted at work, and that meant 60 hour work weeks for about a month. It also meant a lot of additional time preparing for the test to get...
  4. Skyrider

    Chat Box Upgrade! (I know its missing)

    An update got released today for the chat box which had some nifty features and quite a lot of bug fixes. How ever.. The update seem to have failed. Trust me, this is not my fault :p. It seems to be a slight fault within the chatbox code, perhaps conflicts or a few things are missing which are...
  5. D

    Esf/ecx rc 2 aura missing!

    well i downloaded the game and when i try to play it i go to a server or create a lan game,the game closes and the error pops up that the both aura files are missing!please help! Edit: i deleted ecx rc2 and runned a lan game and when i transformed and clicked "t" there is no aura at all.first i...
  6. Kaination

    Missing link found! (no, seriously, lol)

    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/us_world/2009/05/19/2009-05-19_missing_link_found_fossil_of_47_millionyearold_primate_sheds_light_on_.html Haha. Evolution ftw.
  7. Caldazar

    Missing Bitmap Font!!!

    Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\1024_Scouterstats text.tga Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\1024_Melee text.tga Those are 2 errors reported by the game when i try creating LAN server :( Ive installed the game according to the guide given in this forum, but this simply wont work. I...
  8. N

    Servers missing?

    is it true that there really isent any servers online for ESF or is it just me? can find alot of servers for CSS, CS 1,6 and all other steam games but not ESF. Do I need to install something special or? Have ESF Open Beta Final installed.
  9. D

    ESF Icon Is Missing Or Gone Or Just not there...

    Hi I've recently Installed ESF 1.2.3 and When it appears in my steam games list I don't see an icon for Earth's Special Forces. Here's A Screen Shot I've Tried Re-Installing but that didn't change the missing icon situation. Thanks Much help is Appreciated ;)
  10. J-Dude

    Graphics Cards: Massive Price decrease, or am I missing something?

    Decided I ought to see how the market has changed since I last looked for a new card, since there might be a chance that mine is dying (or the power supply). And as I browse Newegg.com, trying to see where my 7950gt stands (couldn't find it on Newegg) I see some strange inconsistencies in...
  11. M

    Missing Matter Found in Deep Space

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080520/sc_nm/space_matter_dc;_ylt=Av9To3XccVglBFSHneh1182s0NUE
  12. R

    Missing Characters!!!

    Why is it that my esf version has only few characters ( goku, vegeta, piccolo, gohan, kriliin, buu, cell) and they only have one transformation! T_T i dont know what todo. Its version is 1.2.3
  13. O

    Am i missing something?

    I looked at a post and it had pics of transformations sprites and everything well when i goto ssj1 2 and 3 goku just stands still and there is no new animation whats with that?
  14. J

    Help, Options In Video Card Settings Missing...

    Hi, I'm missing options in my video card settings. 2 of them are Overclocking Options, and Refresh Rate Override. I'm not sure if i'm missing more, but im surely missing those two. So, please can someone help me with this problem, I must have it not showing or something somehow, ive...
  15. K

    Missing Problem

    Please necessary people of aid I installed version 1108 of half life and the 1.2.3 of esf but when I execute in the hour to enter in the game I write as I am aki in this image and the game if he closes somebody knows to decide?
  16. S

    Sprites missing

    sprites/voiceicon.spr is missing, where can i get it? i looked on the FAQ but i didnt find anything about it so...
  17. N


    These ARE THE MISSING FILES CAN ANYONE TRANSFER ME THEM??? Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\640_Scouterstats Text.tga Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\640_Melee Text.tga
  18. N

    missing bitmaps and dragon balls problem

    when a game is loading it says missing bitmap , and the CTDB mode doesnt work the dragon balls dont appear anywhere in the map...... plz help
  19. N

    Models missing... where can i download?

    topic i was trying to get piccolo lvl 2, and then it happened!! he transformed into 6 blocks.... :|
  20. L

    missing files?

    i get this weird warning message in the upper right corner of my screen whenever i join a server so i opened the console and it said i was missing the melee text file and some other text file. then the game crashes. i even reinstalled the game. how do i fix this?