1. Wangster

    w4ngst3rs bryce pics...

    well, sorry, i DO have the pic, but my lycos is down, so i cant get it hosted, can someone host those for me? so i can show the 2 pics i made? ( BTW: i wil thank opty for the inspiration...)
  2. R

    Game freezes after 5 minutes

    733 mghz 384 mb ram Radeon 9700 Pro Im runniing this in 1024x768 in OpenGl After about 5 minutes, the game will freeze. Why does this occur, and how do I fiix it? Also, how do I turn off that dreadful music? Thank you
  3. M

    ssj4 goku

    does any one have ssj 4 goku because i checked redsayain and it hardly moves its crap
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    flash drawing

    well it was drawn in flash with a mouse, i said with a mouse cause some people seem to think i have one of those electronic pen things. anyway vrits and comments please
  5. Marauder

    Copter wip

    like the name of the thread says... thats 3 min's of work, ill put some more effort into it... made it again, to show ppl that not everything is random, but im sure that someone *cauhg*imsotalkingaboutsparrrightnow*caugh* will still go and say: WHY DIDNT U MAKE ANY DRIVER SEETS , OMG IT...
  6. Q

    First Bryce Picture

    Here is the first thing I have ever made in Bryce. I just installed the program like 40 minutes ago. I'd say that this is pretty sweet for a first try, though the text looks like **** :S . I couldnt think of anyt ideas for the text. Crits/Comments are welcome
  7. B

    ape_city complete!

    Well I finished it here is the link to the downloads it will be up on redsaiyan later also but for now the download is off our site. http://members.rogers.com/ape/ape_city.zip Send me a PM of what you thought of it ;)
  8. S

    My game crashes after a few minutes, how do I fix it?

    Well, the question is in the thread name, any ideas?
  9. J


    I was in a modeling-mood and whipped up some quick pants in like 30 mins. The only problem is I dont know which character to make from the pants!!! help me decide :) I think i wanna make an android, maybe 17 or 18, or possibly someone out of dbz :p Oh and people awaiting the sonic im...
  10. DragonDude

    Need Map Ideas, Your Suggestions = Credit 4 U :D

    I think you can probably tell what I need from the name of the thread. Basically, I'm making a map for ESF of the surface of our good ol' Moon. (Yes, the Moon, the thing that was blown up once in DragonBall and once again in DragonBall Z. :D) But when I sat down to really think about the map, I...
  11. C

    Milkshape problems

    I got milkshape and I had it for only 2 minutes when it expired. So i got a code to register it. Then a message comes up saying restart the program so i do. Then it says u registered an expired thing, so let milkshape run for at least 2 minutes. I do that and leave it on forever then try to save...
  12. MastaKilla

    SSJ Adult Gohan?

    I went to some model website to download battle damaged adult gohan and i put t in the files of gohan and ssj gohan. anyway, when i played it, it worked but when i transform, it isnt ssj hair color its regular. I think they forgot to make an ssj battle damage adult gohan. Plz fix the...
  13. X

    Black Star Dragon Balls

    Hey guys. This is just something I did out of boredom. Its not much. But I skinned the original Dragon Balls. To look like the Black Star Dragon Balls. Only diffrence is that the skin is darker. And the stars are black Heres a pic...
  14. MaX

    Cell Shot

    http://wave.prohosting.com/~shask/cellshot.JPG Copy and Paste
  15. I

    I need some map Ideas.

    I need some good map ideas for a beginner, ones that would be fairly easy to do... but would take more than 5 minutes :). Also.. I recently made a map. It has a large arena in the middle and a big cage surrounding it. When you run into the cage your insta-killed. Dont know why i wanted to share...
  16. E

    Please make me a sig?

    Can someone anyone make me a sig with dbz characters???
  17. G

    As promised another piece of my work....

    Alrighty here it is, my personal favorite character, Gohan! This was a speed sketch so I spent like 10 minutes on it, oh well tell me what ya think (Copy and paste) http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/gohanmsx/Img00007.jpg
  18. G

    W00t tribute to Goku!

    Alright check this one, not so hot off the press, its like a few months old but none the less I like it, I think I did this pic in like 15-20 minutes (copy and Paste) http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/goku27/Goku.jpg
  19. TehMuffinMan

    my cheap battle damaged vegeta

    well, this is my very cheap attempt at a battle damaged vegeta: well, tell me, its only a 3 min job so dont expect anything good :S but anyways, i woz gonna do a skin for another model but i dunno which one, so, who do u think i should do? (ps, its AZN's model, just the edited the skin:S )
  20. V

    new sig

    was bored so i made this picture for my sig in a few minutes, only part that took long was cutting out the picture =/