1. Mkilbride

    Fastest CPU Frequency achieved - 8.2GHZ

    http://www.guru3d.com/news/new-cpu-frequency-world-record--8199mhz/ May be an old chip, but impressive.
  2. Spunky

    Five Minutes of Badass

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player/42271.html I can't wait for this game.
  3. Tsunami

    Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

    Just picked up my copy off iTunes, and this album comes in 2 flavors, Clean and Explicit. So far, its a very good album. Linkin Park has a new sound and I like it. Hearing them scream [email protected]#K is funny.
  4. Dokutayuu

    2nd or 3rd Attempt at new sig in 30 minutes

    Hello everyone, it's been a few months but I slapped these in 30 minutes. Have I improved? Paint.NET updated so I could do more stuff...
  5. SS4 Gogeta

    Two Minutes Closer To Midnight

    http://www.thebulletin.org/media-center/announcements/20070117.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doomsday_clock tick tock tick tock tick.........talk
  6. clen

    Scanner Darkly; First 24 minutes

    http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/717/717774p1.html Here is the first 24 minutes of Scanner Darkly, enjoy. Rated R
  7. True-Warrior15

    ESF Close itself after over 2 minutes of play

    Sometimes when I play ESF it stop's and closes and brings me back to my desktop. How can I fix this?
  8. M

    My Esf crashes after only a couple of minutes!

    My Esf crashes after a couple of minutes of gameplay! (This occurs to most hl mods Im playing)! sometimes and can play for 30 minutes...other times it crashes after 3-4 minutes! I would like to get any help on this!
  9. Chosen Saiyan

    3 minutes sig!

    check it out i made it in 3 minutes if ya take a good look you can see in tha vegeta sig a majin vegetga background and in that goku sig a goku background. i know the the text is veryvery simple but i cant chAnge it because im a noob sig maker and i deleted my tex layer. how do i get it back?
  10. M

    An error in the map "tmc_metrotekarena.bsp"after a few minutes playing it(only in it)

    while I was playing this map: tmc_metrotekarena.bsp I recived a messege in a small Half-Life Error: gimmi a link of that map after its fixed please!!! thnx!
  11. M

    An error in the map "tmc_metrotekarena.bsp"after a few minutes playing it(only in it)

    while I was playing this map: tmc_metrotekarena.bsp I recived a messege in a small Half-Life Error: gimmi a link of that map after its fixed please!!! thnx!
  12. Suh Dude

    latest bryce work

    Crits are welcome
  13. MinesSkylineR34

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi WP

    woohoo 10 minutes of nothing hehehe http://www.deviantart.com/view/2435902
  14. Hawki_ice


    Hawki's Gohan EDits~Armour GOhans Ok i did two gohan edits! NORMAL GOHAN IN ARMOUR! MARI GOHAN IN ARMOUR! Ok my next 2 edits r a NON battle damaged normal gohan in goku clothes And a non Battle damaged MARI Gohan with two arms! Two download them go here! *Empty Hole...
  15. Logan4434

    skinning contest

    ok...see this model well this skinning contest is for it...........the winners skin will be used on the model and another surprise(dunno what it is yet but i prolly got at least a few hours to figure it out,prolly a custom model for them)any way i skin maped it for you and everything.post...
  16. PiXel

    i`ve got an new idea

    so u all know the map rats i think better when many people make some maps in rats maybe rats namek or rats planet vegeta and some mor e or rats usa or germany and so what are u thinks about about this idea please crritits and i can`t maping so please mappers anwered fatser:) :yes: :yes: :yes:
  17. S

    Adult gotenks concept

    This just a quick concept that you might like to see i didnt spend much time on it, maybe 20 mins
  18. E

    aura 1.1 after new install like 1.0....

    i hope i have the right section for that lil problem. i have downloaded full beta 1.1 because at patch i have crash in game after 20minutes :( i uninstalled the patch and installed beta 1.1 full. but now my powerup aura is like beta 1.0..... but at patch i have a "ball(?)" can anyone tell me...
  19. S

    namek goku

    heres a goku when he was on namek before he want ssj im gonna make him more battle dameged just a little u know tears were his shirt ripped off. hers pic. im not done yet. credits to soccer azn smo orig goku modeler and i think thats all. critz?
  20. Messiah Daz

    Im Back And Ready To Go!

    Yep Im back into mapping. Im sure my old friend Dj-Ready will be there to help like he used to. I need some ideas on a map to make. I am thinking of my own city version? Well cmon people IDEAS!