1. Snowm@n

    20 mins of dragonball evolution

    http://www.dramacrazy.net/chinese-movie/dragon-ball-the-live-action/dragonball-evolution Check out 20 mins of the entire movie (or all of it, i'm still seeing). I still dont know what to think about it. I think its nice if you rly see it like a paralel universe of db
  2. Tsunami

    Mario64 in 20 mins

    http://www.spikedhumor.com/Article.aspx?id=238 WOW!
  3. S

    Comp sig with another 5 mins work...

    well i did sum of the stuff judges suggested when i posted it for the competition.... tell me wat u think.... i still didnt change the font, i like it :p edit: made an avatar, i was bored also here's the original to compare, didnt do much:
  4. L

    Crash's after about 5-15 Mins

    When I play ESF b1.1 Mod On half-life, After I create a game It crash's after about 5-15 minute's and I can't figure out the problem , And i searched for almost an hour coming up with no real solution's. ;( Anyways it's getting more and more often now,I'm using OpenGL mode-1024x768...
  5. Rebirah

    FF:XI Patch 1hr 30 mins O_o

    Its taking forever on a 1.5 mb cable! Ugh... It may be traffic, but I dunno, anyone lese getting high time remainings?
  6. E


    used 3DSM, and PS for this one. It was pretty rushed, took around 30 mins. couldnt really add much detail, cuz I had to run.
  7. W

    woker new reskin/model edit ssj2vegeta.

    wwwwwwwaaaaaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuuppp???? ok look i got now 3D max studio 5 and i got SMD import script and SMD export plugin. ok i made this ssj2vegeta . i do "Decompile Normal HL MDL file....." in ms but the prob in ms thet i cant save soo i did Decompile Normal HL MDL file..... to ssjvegeta and...
  8. S

    Namek Vegeta WIP

    I worked on this for like 30 mins and it was my first time ever skinning so tell me what you think credit ESF Team for model me for the skin and Zod for hosting pics front chest vest Back vest strap
  9. Coolz_Inferno

    Yay only 7 hours and 55 mins till I get ESF

    life with a 56k is hard and if my internet screws up o_o its taken an hour and a half to get to 23% so yeah...... I'm hoping it works with the retail CS cause if it dont ;( . yeah anyway it will be fun to verse (sp?) all of you and get OWNED or is it PWN3D in the whole hacker talk (u can see I...
  10. Darkside

    mspaint work

    i was bored so drew a guy on MSPaint
  11. T

    orge wip

    model wasnt by me.. skin ive been working on it so far for like 1 hour and 15 mins.
  12. Darkside

    help a newb

    i just got lightwave 7.0 and i've been staring at the screen for about 20 mins not having a clue where to start... anyone got any tips or advice for me? i want to make a model that replaces trunks
  13. E

    Jurassic Park Online WP

    Well here is one for a mod Im working on. For HL2. Jurassicpark online. Check them out at www.dontwantawarningforadversiting.com . I put this together in like 15 mins, so its nothing much, but its got a nice tone to it. Its kinda shetty. lol
  14. I

    1.0 models need to be reanimated for 1.1

    Yes, its true, basically you need to reanimate your 1.0 models or it'll look aucward. I've replaced all the models in 1.1 with the 1.0 i downloaded and they all have aucward animations
  15. J

    Help my game keeps shuting off when i play 2 mins

    Ok there is a problem with my game i play in some servers and i get off i try to use some moves but it toetoelly shut the game oof like gokus sprit bomb and some others. I need some help mayb a file for more moves or something. I think its tht i dont have the moves or files but when i make my...
  16. Warrior_Elite45

    Easiest Mapping Program??

    Can anyone please tell me what the easiest mapping prog is? I've heard of Worldcraft and a few others. I've tried Worldcraft and wanna know if there's anythin' easier than that. So can anyone let me know what they think is the easiest? Thanks...
  17. suicidal_maniac

    See What You Can Do With Paint!!!

    Ok i saw what that other guy did with paint. So ive decided to make a thread on it. Try and use Paint (and only paint) to make something. I dont care what it is. I just wanna see what all these uber good artists can do with stone age technology. Im going to make something too. Ill show it later...
  18. S

    Wow, i think its nice... critz?

    man, i couldnt figure out how i did it, but i did do it :-\ and this is the BG by its self .. like i said, took like an hour to come up with and yea, i did make it -edit- hmm, maybe its just not good........... ill try to add some more goodys to it, hopefully the outcome...
  19. J

    Reboot Wallpaper

    yo I made this wallpaper (seriously 5 mins work). its not class and pretty easy to make. but just wanted to show you guys ;)
  20. K

    Useless your sig...and showin it off too

    Critz? Anyone like?