1. S

    Milkshape3d Question

    Ok a "friend of mine" reckons he cant see the "apply skin" option in ms3d because his screen is too small and he wants to know how to adjust his screen size. Its prob really simple but I couldnt help him coz I dont have ms3d so I thought you guys would know. Anyone?
  2. T

    How do I animate in MilkShape3d for ESF?

    How do I make a pack of animations in MS3D that will fit the ESF animations?
  3. S


    what programs would you modelers out there recomend for a begginer.i want to make high quality models if i get good enuff.also how much math is involved in modeling cuzz.. umm..errr ya ok if you can supply a link to were to get a good program it would be greatly apreciated thnx from pee...
  4. Ace_69

    Model Programs

    I'm looking into making my own models, can anyone tell me where to get some programs on the net? Thanks.
  5. L

    Need some help... yet not the normal type of:

    Ok i kinda weird suggestion but could any one .. any one send me skin? only a skin don't need the model, rather said i'd like to have the psd of the skin... i won't use it.. u can take my word on it... if i use it in anyway for my own good (or others) you'll get a refund... I just need a...
  6. D

    mix between Big O & Betterman

    Rendering Programs?? What is a FREE Rendering Program I can use? Would I have to get 3DSM...or some expensive program like that?
  7. E

    where the hell is the MILKSHAPE3D tutorial

    where the hell is the MILKSHAPE3D tutorial??? i have now milkshape and wanted to start modelling and dont understand it :D or somebody can help me?
  8. V


    What is the most recent version is there of Milkshape, and what plugins / addons would you recomend for modeling esf charicters. One last thing dose anyone have a good tutorial?
  9. U

    does anyone have a milkshap 3d guidance

    does anyone have a milkshap 3d guidance? hat irgend jemand eine anleitung für milk shape 3d?
  10. S

    can i have som help with milkshape3d please

    :scared: i need som help with milkshape3d, how i open models from esf? or other like cs, hl, mdl
  11. D


  12. S

    how to open models in milkshape3d?

    how do u open downloaded models into milkshape?
  13. S

    milkshape 3d?

    can some1 give me a good link to download milkshape because ive tried it from multiple times and it doesnt work? please help!!!
  14. ssj999vegeta

    which editor

    i wanna make my first skin but i dont know which editor to use,my photoshop doesnt do 3d models so thats out, ne1 no werei cn geta good model makin program????????
  15. P


    hey how do you go about modifing the .mdl animations, like what programs are used, etc.
  16. M

    how do you model

    :( how do i make my on model :confused:
  17. L

    What's the best modelling program ?

    I am a newbie to 3D model making and I would just like to know what is the best 3D model making program ? I have heard of Milkshape 3D and would like to know if this is the best program or are there other one's that are better and easier to use ???
  18. CyroTek

    another question this time for milkshape3d

    how i open a ready .mdl file in milkshape3d, i know there is a modeltutorial link, but this won´t work right for me, so please help.thx for attention, and thx for your help, sorry for my eng
  19. S

    how do i use milkshape?

    how do i use milkshape 3d.... i dont know it so dificult and strange this is the first time i try something like that:cry: and i dont know how:cry: please someone help me
  20. V

    Animation Pr0gZ

    Hey what are some good animation progs out there so I can do a alittle tweakin of my own.. I looked at the sticky for milkshape and that didnt say NE thing about animation support. ~RAGE