1. Skyrider

    Energy Attack Energy Meter.

    This might sound like a total lame suggestion. But I've been thinking about this, a lot of people might disagree with me though. But I am going to suggest this anyway. The idea is rather simple. How about a "energy meter" on the Energy bar that displays how much the current weapon you have...
  2. VideoJinx

    Rage Meter

    Simply put.. with would make 1v1's alot funner with high hp matches when your rage meter is full you can charge any strong attack x2 faster after it's used the rage meter depletes and begins to fill slowly with every hit landed and recieved
  3. T

    Special Meter

    CONCEPT I got this idea from the "Marvel vs Capcom" series, or other fighting games that use the same concept. Every character will have a special meter, just like the ki and powerlevel meters. As you fight, this meter will build up over time, and when it is full, you will be allowed...
  4. T

    Struggle meter when hit

    Im thinking that if you are hit by a really strong hit, hit from the side, or hit in the back, the harder it is to recover , and will be shown in the knockback meter. Another thing you could do is, at the expense of alot of ki, unleash a ki explosion, and stop yourself right where you are.
  5. K

    Problem with struggle meter.

    Yeah, I have a question. For the struggle meter, on the manuel it says "Hold down the mouse button". I do that, but I don't see any progress from me, and I just keep getting killed by other players.
  6. DracoHeart

    *Game Mode* The Power meter war

    In this game mode, every character will not have HP. They can be HIT but cannot be KILLED. But they still have their actual KI and PL. This game mode, The Powerstruggling War works like this. 1) This is a team game. There have to be at least 2 players inorder to play this game mode. 2)...
  7. S

    How to fill CF meter?

    How do i fill the meter so i can transform???
  8. G

    Struggle meter

    ok ... i've noticed this before but now it starts to annoy me lol because i dont know it for sure. whenever you are thrown in the air , kicked , blasted etc. and when you have a beam struggle you get this struggle meter. well i saw in some movies that itactually has a stripe going up and...
  9. X

    Anger/Potential Meter :p

    Not many ideas no more, but im still trying... How about adding 3 tiny red blocks next to the PL Meter. These 3 Blocks get full everytime you are in a Power Struggle. They fill up slowly though, like a Gas Stank. And once those 3 Meters have filled up, the next time you die. Your...
  10. S

    Rage Meter

    I think it would be cool if u could have a Rage Meter like the CF meter except it wouldbe called RM for Rage meter The Rage meter is Special and has its own purposes for each character The Rage Meter is a Special Bar like the CF Meter Except every time u take hits it will begin to rise...
  11. Abhorsen

    Blocking Meter

    I was thinking that a good way to deal with the people that do nothing but sit there and block is to add a system that makes it were you can block but when you are blocking the more you get hit with a melee attack the weaker the block gets so it causes the you more damage
  12. K

    a few ideas, beampush, finger laser 2 block, city holes to shoot, scout height meter

    well i wanna make some suggestions for future versions of ESF, plz comment if it sux 1 a beam that pushes someone away (like trunks uses to push vegeta in the imperfect cell saga), the pushed away person flies like hit from a melee (that fast) (give this to trunks) 2 on the scouter a...
  13. S

    SOS -_- Tenaichi Budokai and more ^_^ ...
  14. wOoOzZy

    Rage Meter

    Ok, i know this has been suggested b4 but i didnt see any actual threads on it so i thought i would make one. The idea is tweaked a lil bit neway. Basicaly, the rage meter would be sort of like the CF meter. Every time someone lands a melee attack on you it would fill just a little bit. Then...
  15. N

    Block Meter

    I had an idea, I was playing a game with a guy who would attack, Run up, And block, Until you did something, Or a team member attacked me...And I think there should be a meter that let's you take x damage before you have to move, or else your block will become uneffective that way you can't have...
  16. R

    how do you raise your cf meter?

    how do you raise your cf meter to max?
  17. E

    Rage meter

    Here is an idea for a new meter on the HUD called the rage meter. As you take damage, the rage meter fills and fills. You can activate the rage meter at any time, but it will only last as much as its filled, so it might be wise to wait for it to fill more. When you activate the rage meter, your...
  18. U

    Charge Meter!!!

    I think that they should do sometn with the charge meter because i love using turbo but when its on i can hardly see the meter and i end up alot dyn from what should be a quick glance at the meter..although you can just remember about the right time it reaches the minimum point it gets...