1. dbzrogue

    Can AMX metamod work in Non-Steam Halflife?

    I uncovered my old NON-Steam Halflife 1 while digging at a random impulse through my various stuff. I already tried ESF 1.2.3 and ECX2 and they work fine, however, will the AMX MetaMod work? And how do i use it anyways?o_o
  2. D

    Regarding metamod

    I searched a bit the forum and I couldn't locate an answer regarding this, maybe i missed it though, but here goes. I am trying to install metamod on a server running 1.3 Open beta final, the metamod seems to crash the server every time it starts. Is there a specific issue and fix ...
  3. G

    Metamod on linux

    I have problems installing metamod on linux . I've installed esf:;38849 , metamod and amxmodx (linux versions of course) . When I try to start hlds, it give's an error and closes in 10 seconds . What should...
  4. .Guzzie.

    AMX or Metamod??

    Im planning to host a dedicated server,but what should I use with it.... Amx or Metamod. Please state your answer and why Thanks! -GuZzie
  5. TREX

    Linux Dedicated Server Files, Metamod, and AMX mod X

    Greetings, I am very pleased to post here at this website, but I am need of your assistance. I have been having great difficulty regarding finding the proper files and I want to know the precise files and information available. To this end, I have quite a few questions that I would very much...
  6. D

    Amx mod X + metamod gives error

    Hello I am on a linux server trying to install AMXmodX with ESF And when i start the server I get this error: ./hlds_run: line 342: 3903 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD Add "-debug" to the ./hlds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem Wed Mar 8 15:19:00...
  7. S

    Using metamod or something like it to alter esf melee

    Since it is against forum rules to use old, dead topics and after asking Pain, I decided to open a new topic with just my question in the misc. section :) What I'm wondering is would it be possible to change the melee system as it is now with something like metamod? As much as I like 1.2.x...
  8. Skyrider

    Latest Amxx / Metamod Server Report

    Not sure if the "title" was alright, but i had to think of something. Anyway, let me get to the point. I'm a Beta Tester at the Latest AMXX version which is not public yet. They just released a new "MetaMod", which i will add on HL2files, S2k, ESF-W, and some more i got FTP access at. I will add...
  9. T

    Problems getting metamod to run with linux

    I tired many different versions of metamod but none of them seem to want to run with linux ESF. I use the same metamod .so I have on a working CS server, but when I put it in my ESF addons folder no go. Does anyone have any ideas on making ESF run with metamod on linux format? I would ask...
  10. Skyrider

    Metamod is unable to load plugins.ini

    I'm having this problem for over 30 - 45min, and still unable to fix it.. while the file simple exists.., who knows the problem?, and knows how to fix it?
  11. S

    easy to install metamod &amd

    hio i also was ****ting with metamod etc... but tnx to red saiyan users there came an verry handy tool. just download this package at the following link: :yes: there is also an readme with how to do it. it all is verry clear. it...
  12. R

    Metamod All-mod support..

    I had to reformat my computer, and I lost it. I've searched around the net.. cant find it there either. If anyone has one and they can put up a link or email it to me that'd help. I run servers all the time and I use adminmod cuz i personaly like it better than amx.
  13. KilledWithStyle

    Metamod All-Mod support

    Woohoo, hullu is back :P All-mod metamod information. The ents (DONT COMMENT ABOUT THAT) are not hardcoded, but instead they are dynamic. In otherwords, no need to update metamod ANY MORE with this. (unless steam presents a problem) Heres the link: *edit: Due...
  14. D

    what version of the metamod it the best for locking (target)

    well in my server there is few bugs cause by the metamod: Lack targeting sometimes someone is invisible and all wierd bugs.. so what version is the best for esf?
  15. Super Bolt V2

    AMX & Metamod

    Well my 56k isnt really good for online so i got it setup and all(bots and stuff) but how do i get admin? cause im kinda confused
  16. Sliq


    Ok...I tried installing Metamod, I read the instructions and Its like german to me. Would someone care to break it down for me and explain to me how to do this. :S
  17. M

    Where can i dl admin and metamod stuff?

    Where can i get stuff like more health and stuff like that?
  18. B


    How do i use it and what is it and how do i install it. :confused:
  19. R


    iv just d/led it and now what do i do with the folder? off topic:my 150 posts:off topic
  20. R


    iv just downloaded it but now i have no idea wot to do now its just a folder wiv loads of stuff in it help any 1?