1. M

    me and my wife messing around

    ;) Check it out. We might do more. Enjoy.
  2. H

    Monitor messing up

    I have this LCD monitor and at very random times even though it still works it'll display a blue shade of color over everything for a random period of time. Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it?
  3. wheres_

    Protoss dude?- Messing around.

    I dunno, work and collage work have been a bit mundane- so I started modeling this dude. No concept or anything- just going for some kinda starcraft type style- I'll add heaps more head gear and **** eventually.
  4. Viper

    Messing around with Garry's Mod 10 :)

    Just got G-Mod 10 and started learning to use it. So i made 2 random 'stories': 1.
  5. Keiha

    Editing Ken Masters (Just messing around)

    Hey, just messing around with the Ken HD pic. Might put it into a sig. I'm not too content with the hadoken. Still working on it. Added some sparkling wiggles and a hadoken. I was going to go with a beam type thing, a la Marvel vs Capcom, but I decided to try and do a classic...
  6. X

    I was just messing around wit photoshop

    critz please
  7. I

    Just messing around in Aura

    I did a strange thing in Aura. I took a picture and well... can't discribe what I did. So here's what I did: ------> Before______________After *No, it wasnt a filter. It was an Oil Paint Tool. I did it the simplest way i could, painting over. It doesn't look the best because sometimes i...
  8. E


    I started doing this kinda style last night, and I have been messing with it today, adn this is what I ended up with.
  9. GhostfaceKillah

    Digital Inferno BG

    Done completly in photoshop, I was messing around with a tutorial I found, and this is what I came up with: Critz/comments please...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    fun without filters

    since ive been doin alot of a work with filters lately i need a break and started messing around with line art. comments and critz would be aprreciated. conisdering i used alot of trend whore techniques i may also do one of my spoof tutorils on it aswell. and since i kow poeple r ganna say...

    esf keeps messing up

    Ok I have esf installed on two computers and this problem has happened on both of them. I start up a game and when it is at the loading screen it freezes and the screen has these wierd looking lines on it. There is no error message and I have to restart my computer to fix it. This problem has...
  12. Hostile

    My kung-fu skin

    Hey guys! I've been working on my own kung-fu skin for the past week, thought i'd show it off. It's based on the awesome Saiyaman model and skin by AZN. What u think? Any suggestions? If anyone knows how I can get the belt totally white, or get rid of those grey lines across his legs...
  13. DaKD

    b dmg reskin of s bolts ssj2 gohan

    i reskinned s-bolts ssj2gohan with battle damage as soon as i buy milkshape i can edit it and do like azn did with gohan or i could stop bein lazy and figure out how to skin with MAX but o well heres a skin for now i might get some pics later *edit* here ya go...
  14. owa

    Messing Around | Sig |

    Well not best, and yet not my worst. I was just messing around and this pop out. Tell me what you think.
  15. USSJ3-Vegeta


    heres something i was messing around wiht....dont know what the hell it is....but just wanted to show it for the hell of it.....:P.....dont give any crits about at cause its not something i work on reqularly.... Something Weird NOTE: COPY PASTE IF LINK DONT WORK!
  16. Ryoko

    Ryoko with energy sword

    Well, my latest drawing is complete (nearly) If I add to it, i'll just edit this picture. Comments and crit please!
  17. S

    Help me out please?

    lo guys my 1st post:) anyways im getin into Game Deisgn next year but im completely new so can anyone tell me a good program to use for models? maybe give me a site to vist please? thanks alot all i might try and make a modle for ESF :) anyways thanks all for ur time c ya's l8r
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