1. Goten-son

    NEW MEMBER! ^_^

    hey hey im new to the ESF forums and of course game :rolleyes: just thought i would say hi and get to know everyone here on the forums, and if i posted this in the wrong place, my deepest appologies O_O and I may know a few of you cause i hang around the irc channel every now and then, but...
  2. I

    goten model

    the gohan model didnt look too good.. so im starting on my second model which will be goten... it looks good to me so far since its my second model ever.. well enjoy
  3. Mystacx

    Clan Mapper needed

    Ok we just started a clan (its the $$|NL G||$$ clan) and we need a clan mapper: We are searching for a mapper that is dutch and want to join the clan and make maps that are only for this clan ($$|NL G||$$). Plz no spam Peace, Mystic
  4. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    New forums member

    hey i just signed up for forums but ive been playin esf alot longer. any ways hi peeps. if u ever c me my esf name is -{VC}-)V(AJiN EsKiMo-Leader-:devsmile: :devsmile:
  5. Mistery X

    What Future Trunks should really look like!

    Well made this model a while back, got it skinned recently.. check it out OH WAIT COULD IT BE FOR ESF? O_O HAHA no, its not cause it would never fit in with the other models Ah to bad eh? :P If you want to see WAY WAY WAY more visit the Saiyan Crusades forums, join sign up and be...
  6. N

    someboady delated my member

    does anyone know who?
  7. T

    team member, sry

    im sorry for reposting but: will someone please make an updated outline of 1.1? we would all appreciate that alot, thanks whichever mod reads this first plz close my other one, its called for team meber, blade, maybe some other team member or sumpin like that
  8. S

    Devoted Half-Life Modellers Needed!

    LaZer Half-Life wants YOU! We need a devoted Modeller/Skinner/Amimator to help make LaZer happen! LaZer is basically a Laser Tag mod for Half-Life, and not one member of it's dedicated team wants to see it die, in fact, they aren't even recognizing it as a possibility. Only 2 models are...

    How do you change your profile once you are a member?

    I wanna change some things in my profile and dont know how....could someone please tell me =)
  10. Demi-Shadow

    ok.. now i need your help :)

    i'm looking at a few tutorials, most of them tell me to get pictures of what i want to model first, so.. that's where I need your help people :) (|This is what i need|) Gotenks - Non-ssj - Front, side and back view Gotenks - ssj3 - Front, side and back view Get me as many as you can and...
  11. A

    How's my sig that Cold made me a RS member

    How's my sig that Cold made me?
  12. Damaera

    How's my sig that Cold made me a RS member

    How's my sig that Cold made me?
  13. V

    Pictures? do I put pictures in my sig, or just post..?
  14. S

    Final Fantasy

    About a 30 minute job, its basically just Photoshop with just a little bit of 3dsm. Enjoy ;)
  15. dudeman


    see: like it?
  16. ultrassj_vegeta

    armored core wp

    didn really do much at all.... just made the bg.... then saw the pic and thot it suited it.. then just blurred sum crap.. thats bout it only.. so yhe.. just thot u ppls mite liek to see...
  17. S

    I am not a team member

    ok i was Zero-X, but i had so many many people PM me, spam me, and im me with questiosn about beta and asking for it.... I AM NOT A TEAM MEMBER, THAT IS ZERO, NOT ZERO-X so now i had to change my name to save myself.... so stop spamming me k thx
  18. Tyrael

    New Member

    Hi i'm new at this so maybe someone can give me some tips for how everything works :notice: i hope that the beta comes out soon!!
  19. L

    New member!

    Hi I'm new here....I hope I can make myself feel as if I were at home or something and oh yeah....see ya
  20. S

    a question to the esf member

    will i be able change to turbomode while i am shooting the kamhameha or other beams, in the new beta? that would be better!