1. I

    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^ check it out..and don't be lasy.... and here a flatshaded pic (when he wasn't finished
  2. V

    Vassago : ESF team member missing in action

    has anybody seen vassago!!!:cry:
  3. V

    what should we do to the 1000th member?

    mwahahahahaha :talk:
  4. S

    How do i change from Junior member to something else

    Do u have to ahve certain kind of postes
  5. M

    Your newest Member

    Its me. Hey guys, ive been playing since the key blasts were little paper things. Those were great, i say we revert. JJ. anyways, i finnaly decided to become a forum member. Aint that great?
  6. J


    Where can i download models?? The models for Gohan and someone of the other ones don't ahve one..... I know i'm a newb. Sorry... Been playing CS for about 2 years.... I would be glad if someoe could help me. Thanks
  7. Darkness

    Fighting grounds

    pics of my beta map fighting grounds will finish soon its an old fighting ground thats worn down just goto obviously thats not the whole map when i do more of the rest ill add more pics p.s anyone know a...
  8. S

    new member

    hi@all i#m a new member @ this forum. because i'm from germany it could be that i make some mistakes but i think it doesn't matter. my first question: when the next esf-version will be reyaeased?? cya
  9. Darkness

    Silo Map Beta Pic

    did this as a bit of a bet because i said that DMZ maps suck I havnt used WC for a year now and just had a quick go on it this took about 1 and a half hours no DBZ relevance though. On the pic the blue is a...
  10. D

    Attention All Members Of [smc]!

    ok, i am going to assign each member to a certain forum that they go to often... so, post here which forum you would like to be assigned to....
  11. D


    YO, if anyone wants a sig, just tell me and ill make one for them...
  12. K

    Flash Sig v2.0 lol

    Test this baby Changes: -no Teleport until you push button (I know people got annoyed lol) -ICQ, AIM, E-MAIL and -[gF]- Links -Joined -[gF]- so you see the old Shin changed to [-gF]- woohooo How do you like it? <embed src="" quality=high...