1. SupersaiyanHero

    Burning attack and masenko suggestion

    I think it would be cool to be able to do a "ball" version of burning attack and masenko as they "done" like that in the series. Also burning attack is a ball on the budokai ps2 games and never was a beam...however i dont mind s the beam works quite well. the balls should however do slightly...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Masenko Explosion Color

    err, i noticed that masenko uses the yellow explosion sprite, and masenko isnt yellow... is it?
  3. C

    Masenko? Is there ANY purpose for it?

    Anyone actually use this or FOUND a use for it? Im guessing its broken and will be made useful someday? (Its an attack thats slower, weaker, and equal blast radius of the Generic beam, untill the two charcters who use it transform, the generic beam has bigger range then it).. Is there any reason...
  4. Wizard's Curse

    Better masenko charge (annimated) !

    D/L link: here! Comments please ! :S
  5. T

    Beta 1.2 Attack: Trunks Masenko

    Yes, u heard me, U need to give Trunks Masenko, he uses it in Movie 8, and once in the series, and since everyone wants a new attack for him, this should be it... Peace ~B~
  6. C

    Cooler Masenko for Gohan

    Now if you guys ever get around to this thread hear me out. If youve been watching cartoon network its in the freiza saga. I saw somthing very cool. Gohan did a masenko but instead the the two hands over his head he held one arm at the wrist and he charged it with one hand.... i think...
  7. O

    Masenko Suggestion

    Masenko right now is probably the most unused beam. For Gohan, Kamehameha is simply better in every way, and he goes SSJ quickly enough that he'll never use Masenko at all. Piccolo has to rely on it for powerstruggling, but with SBC so effective at avoiding powerstruggles entirely, why would he...
  8. SSj Goten

    Try To Make Gotenks For Piccolo?

    Like What i did? im going to try to reanimate Moshe Kipod Ham's Gotenks Credits go to : Moshe Kipod Ham For the sprites from his gotenks ^_^
  9. S

    Gohan's Masenko

    Whenever I am not on a LAN, but rather online, I can not use Gohan's Masenko. It says he has it in the manual, yet I can not use it unless I am on LAN
  10. McVries

    Future Gohan Model

    ATTENTION ALL MODELLERS! I would really appreciate it if somebody could make a future gohan ssj and/or non ssj model. I know he is barely shown in DBZ but he is still one of my favorites in dbz. The picture in my sig is what he looks like(the rest of him cut off is just like goku). There is a...
  11. Vengaurd

    Masenko test

    i've gotta new masenko in beta form but my tester doesnt like it and cant put his finger on why. who ever wants to become me temporary beta tester, email me
  12. Hash

    Gohan Masenko Bug

    I searched the forums, and found nothing on this. For some reason when I join a server, I can't use Gohan's masenko. If I create a server, I can use it, but I can never use it when I join a server. I can't even select it or anything. It's not evern there. If someone could help me I would...
  13. Vengaurd

    gohan sound pack

    allright heres the deal, i've got a little gohan sound pack made up but i have no idea where i can upload it. any help in this matter would be nice
  14. F

    Masenko Beam Or Ball

    I was watching the freeza episode when gohan used his masenko on him... It was a Ball attack not a beam. But Piccolo did it once and I can't remember if his was a beam or not. ;/
  15. Q

    where's gohan his masenko?

    maybe it will be implended with the next patch where u have adult gohan and young gohan but in the series he killed the spice boys in the garlic jr. saga all with masenko. but here in esf he doesnt have it and i miss it :cry: ;)
  16. Mister Satan

    Masenko,Why dear god

    This is my little question here......Masenko...What does it does it do other than suck,please i'll like mature responces to my question,and if you have anything you'll like to say about other beams say so,i'd really like some feedback about what beams you like and what ones you dont...
  17. D

    Gohan Masenko is man down

    Could you tell me why I dont have Gohans Masenko.. I downloaded the Pack from Red-Saiyan and I dont see masenko,..
  18. N

    Masenko (Sp?) And Ascending.

    First off, in DBZ when gohan goes crazy on Frieza, he preforms Masneko if i'm correct, And he shoots out a crazy big one in seconds if that, I think Masenko should be abit faster charging (not alot) And for ascending, Once you reach perfect Ascend PL you can transform while doing pretty...
  19. T

    Masenko is a bit weak i mean come on!

    about 95% of the time i can just knock it away! wich is just stupid (the other 5% i actually get hit with the beam) os guyz but i think the masenko or powerbeam is to weak! MAKE STRONGER!
  20. C

    Gohan losing Masenko

    I've had this bug for some amount of time. Somehow, after I played on a server, or some other thing, my Gohan is no longer capable of performing Masenko. I'm not sure of the reason, but it was after finishing a game with a transformed Gohan. People said it would be fixed when I joined...