1. Skyrider

    Skyriderish Has a Medical Question!

    Behold! The human, body! ... In Meat Vision! Now, see the black circle? As of yesterday, I'm having slighly pain over there or somewhat very near of it.. Happens everytime I swallow something. The bigger thing I try to swallow eg food the bigger the pain.. Can't really call it pain, It's...
  2. Deathshot

    The YouTube interview with President Obama

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pqzNJYzh7I&feature=featured Interesting... Just thought I would show you guys. Though I know a lot of you could care less, I would just like to let you guys see it.
  3. D

    Help skill

    Hi all.sorry when i combat online...a lot of people do a combo...and after.. catch me and put me away...how i can do this?
  4. J-Dude

    HD Quicktime format having issues with a lot of programs

    So, I bought an HD camcorder, the Kogan HD, which is capable of recording 1080p and 720p resolutions and has given me some pretty neat results. I'm using it primarily so I can do a fan film that will require a good deal of CG work and video editing. The videos encode into a Quicktime movie...
  5. super gokou

    someone can give me ecx (and answer a lot of questions)

    Well First i want to say hello because i new and second my english is bad so don"t worry if i write any word bad wll let"s go to the Main i need ecx 2 because i can"t download from filefront and in esf world the file has been deleted so if one can give me plz from this mirrors: sendspace...
  6. Dzamija

    Top 5 singers of all time just people like rock here a lot apparently

    1. Freddy Mercury. Former Queen vocalist, dead since the early 90's. He's one of the rare singers that could sing both Opera and Rock, and I have NEVER, NEVER heard him miss a note. No one is more deserving of first place than him, in my opinion. 2. Ozzy Osbourne. Current and original Black...
  7. Skyrider

    This sucks a lot.. :( wii sold out!

    I've been in over 8 shops yesterday, and to over 5 online shops and all wii's are sold out! This is not normal, it seems the wii is way more popular than almost any console.
  8. S

    FF13 scans... and some ff7 stuff :o (a lot of pics)

    http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/1484/gemaga070201largehu3.jpg http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/264/gemaga070211largerz7.jpg http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/7366/gemaga070221largemy5.jpg http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/5999/gemaga070231largenp3.jpg...
  9. T

    Watch TV. and learn a lot about everything!

    This is not the medium to be spreading religious propaganda. - OptiPrime|
  10. M

    i need a lot of help

    I love all dragonball z games i have all of them because i allways play the ps2 and ps1 and all that.i havent had much time on the pc my friends all got me 2 play css and i did.when on steam i find browse games and found this cool dragonball z game so plz can u tell me wot i need 2 download 2...
  11. L

    What you think of these lot...

    That one I made for a friend, hence Maverick. These are my old ones, really. I don't want to show my new ones just yet because of past events. I also made MgS's sig... What you guys think?
  12. N

    Lot of lag and low fps

    I get a lot of lag on allmost every server I join, when I join a server which has a ping of 30ms in the serverlist, ingame I have a ping of between 200-400ms. Also when there are more than 6 people on a server I get extremly low fps, around 10-15fps I've tried lowering my settings and I did...
  13. Phatslugga

    Know a lot about video cards?

    I need some help in choosing video cards. Right now, I have a little over $200 saved up for a video card. I went to bestbuy and saw the Radeon 9600 for $200, then I looked and saw the 9800 for $300. I really need to update soon (I want it before the 8th), but I'm not sure which one I shoulg get...
  14. X

    A ques. for someone that has a lot of experience with cable modems.

    I've been using a wireless router for a good while now and all it does is screw with my client-made servers ;( . I have a cable modem and i was gonna try to hook two cable modems instead of using the router. And before i wasted my money on another cable modem i wanted to see if anyone here had...
  15. tha ssj4goku

    Me new siggeh! I like it A LOT! (Gaara Sig)

    Hey guyz (and girls), I just finished ma new siggeh, and I'm pretty proud of it. Critz & Comments would be appreciated. Greetz
  16. I

    i bet uve seen a lot of these

    well i bet uve seen a lot of chibi trunks wip and i thought ill give it a shot... i couldnt get 3dsm to render the model details but after trying i just said forget it and made it a plain ol picture.... check it out not much now but it will be just keep in-tune ^_^
  17. blackplague


    If you want the model of vegeta that i changed for esf, please click here http://www.geocities.com/scorpio54644/ssjvegeta.zip comes with mdl file and backup mdl file if you guys dont like it :) please post comments!
  18. I

    Buu Saga Vegeta WIP

    it started a while back when i was making goku... well i decided to make goku and vegeta from the buu saga... then i said... forget goku he's no good character anyway... so i did Vegeta TADA! Ok.. Ok... Ive accidently deleted my goku model when i was cleaning out of my "My Documents...
  19. S

    My First Map

    Ok I've started my first map. Its a little neiborhood with 4 houses. Its still under majon construction b/c i still have to add trees bushes and etc.. and change some textures around to make it look better. Heres a screen: http://www.sivartdesigns.com/~zhz/maps/zhz_outside.jpg
  20. NeLo

    Here is my Vash Sig I promised..(A LOT BETTER!)

    Hey guys! Wel im really excited on this sig cuz i really really like it and i think i did a really good job on it. Took me a while but i got it to work realy well with the background. So here it is ladies and germs! :D :yes: Btw the text of my name is blended in really well with the bg too...
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