1. K

    listen vs dedicated

    i run dedicated servers for most of the hl mods out there with no problem, but for some reason ESF lags tremendously in my dedicated server. However if i make a listen server, i can support about 8 people with no lag, am i doing something wrong??? edit......using Steam
  2. M

    What kind of music do listen to when u play ESF?

    thought this coul be interesting what music you all hear during play. im just curious me hears music from these dbz music videos.. u know.. linkin park, limp bizkit and stuff..
  3. Baaja

    3DS Max 4.2/Milkshape 3d 1.6.6

    i need help....listen i am trying to learn how to make skins and it's going pretty well...thanks to zereth...but how do i see my skin on a model like i'm skinning piccolo but how do i see the skin and the model in 3ds max...i do have ms3d but it's unregistred....please help....
  4. Gangster464

    How do I play with the model I downloade ?

    I downloaded the model vegeta ssj4 and i dont know how do i play with him, what do i have to do to put him on the game, and how do i also do it to maps and sprites on the game, what else do i have to do then download them. if u game some instructions it would be awsome , :devgrin: thankz...
  5. G

    Why PLease TeLL me

    Why PLease TeLL me what did i do now. listen people u guys are great and i am glad im zero but zero wont be anymore and i now u guys are glad becauese i was zero. and i dont want to make the same mistake i youst too. thank u magus now i now how i was please tell me how i was people please :(
  6. H

    What MP3s do u listen to while playing ESF?

    I like to listen to Tenacious D songs and I especially like listening to the Matrix theme while playing ESF. How bout u?
  7. ]\/[ITCHELL

    pics of models

    i was bored so i made a few pics wit some models look at this: ssjgoku<BR> goku jacket <BR> ssj3 goku <BR> vejito <BR> copy and paste if is doesnt work *EDIT* if you want your credits with them just mail me @ [email protected]
  8. U

    magus u missunderstudd me

    o let me guess your going to close this thread now like always listen magus me and supershenlon are right if we dont put more sounds the models of ssj4 goku its going to look bad having a kids boiss. LIsten i now that this is not talking about models but its an advise.i now wat your going to do...
  9. S

    Can someone make me a perfect cell model.

    PLEASE?! and could someone make a Freezer model form 4?
  10. Nuttzy

    form 2 cooler, (or 5th if your a dbz nerd)

    edit****** FINISHED MODEL!!!!, if you crit it keep it simple so i can fix it the chrome looks wierd cuz thats a milkshape screenshot, not hlmv, it looks proper in hlmv, now i got to assign the guy to frieza2's skeleton ******************** official, hes ingame, and...
  11. KilledWithStyle

    I can listen server. but not dedicated.

    Heres about all i can say: Ethernet dsl 512k Linksys switcher router (ports forwarded) I can get plenty of ppl on my listen server, but if i do dedicated, noone can join. (if theres anymore information that you need please tell me) Another problem I have is it cannont load some...
  12. Mr. Satans

    Mr. Satan's (Listen)Server.cfg

    Here is an example of a good listenserver.cfg (non-decicated) / server.cfg (dedicated) for ESF v1.1b. Some things require your own input, so read through everything first before use. Later on I will edit this post and add descriptions and what-not. log on cl_cmdrate "55" cl_updaterate "50"...
  13. catfish

    Old suggestions no one seem to listen to

    I've said them before and I'll say them again.... MP3 player - random play mode. Last time I suggested this I was told to search the forums because it had already been suggested. Searching the forum only found my post. That's strange... Scouters - "sense ki" mode. People used to *****...
  14. Ultra33Gokussj3

    SS4 Vegetto

    Mean i just had an idea , that i do a ss4 Vegetto from Neds The model s fine , but not finished , the bones needs to bee assigne , i didnt know if i could use ned s vegetto , if not , i wont release it! Credit to: Ned - Legs + Head Azn - Body Heres a pic
  15. sexyasian86

    Beta 1.1 Bojacks Trunks

    well i finished compiling this trunks for 1.1 and it's done now ^_^ just need to make some minor changes. but it's lovely in-game. and when ssj 4 gogetenks releases his version of it, i'll release this one. until then... picture: there ya go, some eye-candy. credits ssj 4...
  16. S

    Pro's Great skins

    Pro has a great selection of skins but why does't he release them
  17. T

    TheWasp Wallpaper Thread

    Ok This is my first time EVER making wallpapers, So bare that in mind when you comment about my work (Please be gentle :)).Go here to check out the wallpaper. Critz and Comments Please. Thanks. P.S. I made it to be used on my desktop. ;)
  18. T

    Bojack trunks skin WIP-Sayian Crusades(hopefully)

    heres a skin Ive been working on, ive done 100 percent of it skinmap, everything.The model is mistery X's, heres a pic if you cant see it copy and paste Im about 30-40 percent done. i have to edit the jacket a lot, texture the hair...
  19. Hibiki

    Listen Up

    im so sick of everyone saying to someone who is a mod that there a wanna be mod stop thinking u know everything and look to see if there a mod its right there its not hard and u wont constantly get in trouble for yelling at...
  20. K

    ok listen

    I am not a noob really but i have a noob type question.I just installed half-life,fusion pack10 and esf.but when i try to get on a server they say my half-life is outdated so i went thru the procedure to update my half-life but then they say mi internet connection is invalid.what does this...