1. B

    Links to naruto eps.

    Well like i said dbz is my life, Naruto wont get better than it but i really like naruto. I just need pages where to download eps(japanese) without this slow bittorent. I have seen so many naruto "watchers" so i think this is good page to get info :D
  2. Z

    All of you who have corrupt dls, plz post the links here:

    After 13hrs, and 1.5 dls this link seems to be corrupt: I get an I/O error when trying to install
  3. N

    ESF LINKS???

    Hey can someone give me a link from where they download there ESF 1.1 (THAT WORKS!!!) :) Im mean the real link not just the website that they got it from. thanks :)
  4. Volrath

    More Links Area

    Hi Guys, And Hi Mastasurf! I've sended a email for u on these days, Asking if u can put the link for my Clan [S.o.E] on the "More Links Area" and i haven't seen no reason =) if u can make it to me now... the TAG = [S.o.E] the LINK = Please ok? See ya thanks
  5. H

    steam links

    can someone post some links for steam plz??
  6. F


    hey everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone could pls. give me some links where i could find some rare models like ssj5 goku................ i'll look for some on my own but i don't think i'll have any succes 'cause i tried before pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D...
  7. M


    Can you give me some links or adress to dl a good perfect cell skin please it's very important for me thanks
  8. nemecj05

    Post pics and download links of your maps here!!

    i just thought i would make this thread for anyone who wanted to post pics of there maps, btw i am making a map now and i will post a pic soon! edit: heres some pics of the map im working on now!
  9. SierraSonic

    New download links for ESF. From ESFSTUFF.

    ESFSTUFF has provided mirrors for the important ESF files, like ESF itself. ^.^* Latest Files -------------------------------- ESF Beta 1.1 Full -------------------------------- ESF 1.0 to 1.1 Patch -------------------------------- ESF 1.1 Bots v3.1 EXE...
  10. D

    download links for stuffz

    yo if you are lookin for models here are some links: here are some funny/fun ass sites lol
  11. blackplague


    If you want the model of vegeta that i changed for esf, please click here comes with mdl file and backup mdl file if you guys dont like it :) please post comments!
  12. K

    Vegita ssj4

    um does anyone know were i can find a vegeta pack that includes dragonballgt vegeta with jacket and ssj4 vegeta
  13. L

    got links for a butt load of models

    if so hopefully u know were to put im
  14. Gogeta91

    new modeler,lookin for ussj trunks

    Hi im a new modeler and i love playin ESF. I want to know if nyone has a Ussj trunks model and/or tell me a great program to make them. :talk:
  15. E

    Why are u guys makeing skins when we con't get em

    if u wanna make skins 2 show off eg: hear i have just made a new gohan skill hear it is and it look kool but we cont get it so Plz make links so we can download em. thank u
  16. B

    plz am new here where i can

    found skins to download? plz?
  17. N

    DBZ drawing books!!

    This is going to be a great help to those who love dragon ball z but have trouble drawing the characters.. I as of late, have had no drawing inspiration to draw any manga what so ever.. So I searched for some help books, I found out that I wanted to draw DBZ characters alot more then any...
  18. C

    i found ssj4trunks model u can find it @ the bottom of models/skins
  19. M


    hey i have been lookin every where to get new models for esf. Since redsaiyan has gonew dowwn i have been at a stand off at getting my models. Do any of yall know where i can get new models.
  20. S

    Aura sprite

    ok i need a aura.spr file cuz the one i got sucks and i THINK its the file that makes the aurora around the saiyans and such when the transform into ssj or whatever...some one please tell me if i am wrong or not and y was my other tread closed?