1. I

    Skin my Gohan

    hey i have the skinmap of gohan's head done(made by ryuujino aka for the map goes to him) here is tha map..... all skinners have a go on him!!!! ( copy and paste) if that didn't work go to then to skins and get...
  2. M

    Gohan model

    made this a while ago and never got around to finishing the hair or muscle tone. still, take a peek and enjoy the.... roundness. take a look at the index for a few other models (non...
  3. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    my test model ^_^

    Heres a model i did. took me a few days. if you can, plz leave me feed back :) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Cheeseman

    First model, need advice

    Hey guys, i finally made my first attempt at a model, please feel free to tell me what i should improve, any links to tutorials would be a bonus, ive only been tryin to model for a week thx in advance O_O
  5. MrMasj

    Trying to make a map

    I´m trying to make a Martchal Arts Arena if any one has some pics of tournamnet there i can se how it looks. Please send this pics to me iwant to buld it perfect.
  6. greentaco

    Artwork Tutorials

    Post all links for Artwork Tutorials in this thread please. Digitexturia - Noah GreenTaco
  7. K

    Anyone make an OZ Deathmatch Map?

    I need an OZ Deathmatch map of a desert. With caves and stuff. I am editing OZ for my base of Bin Laden Hunt. Just need networks of caves and desert sand. Maybe mountains. Anyone wanting to help, I'd love it. I already have it playble, just need models and maps. AIM me at alphakoblano and we...
  8. xstortionist

    CG Tutorials

    Hey if anybody knows any tutorial sites for like CG like comic book coloring or anime coloring please post them here....I would really apprieicaite it. THanks.
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    here is some artwork for u!!

    i made this back when my name was NeWbCaNoN hope u like it its a flash animation and nevermind about the names oh and since geocities doesnt allow links just copy and paste addy and hit enter where u type the website u want simple huh lol
  10. T

    Preview of a model in progress

    Here's a little preview of a model I'm currently working on. It is an altered version of Pyrofragger's public model. Optimized for use in Half-Life (Lower Polycount). Thanks for the base, Pyro. Just so you know, it is a modified version of Pyrofragger's public model he released. I used it as...
  11. B

    Good Skining Tutorials

    Ya im gonna start skinning im OK (well im crap) at PSP and would like to skin a bit and would like to know of any good turtorials, ya i tried polycount but that site is all messed up cant find my way about it. any others or direct links please help a beginner skinner. BrunO
  12. Guerilla

    I need help making models

    I currently map allot, but im curious on modeling, how am i going to find tutorials for milk-shape? please post links, AND i know this is a bit "illegal" but where can i get the milkshape 3d "[email protected]" i don't want to have 30 days and thats all, im to cheap to pay for it.. hehe if you...
  13. GLOsticks R Us

    Need help for SIG!

    I was wondering if anyone can make me a SIG with a pic. of an in-game Vegeta charging up or throwing a blast, and a anime version of Vegeta behind it... if so post it on here or e-mail me the jpeg at [email protected] Please... Thank yOu "GLO"O_o