1. Mkilbride

    Lineage II: Unlimited Grindfest is going F2P...with NO restrictions. Of course, a cash shop, but this isn't like LoTRO or anything. You don't have to buy new content, or unlock certain things. You get the complete game, for free, no restrictions, but with the option of purchasing cash shop items. While I despise...
  2. Mephisto

    Assassins Creed Lineage

    While I was at school today i stumpled upon this. It's a really interesting and well made looking release for fans of the “Assassins Creed” games (Including me :) ) from P2P source. You can check out the trailer here’s Creed: Lineage is an...
  3. M

    Lineage 2

    Ok i just started on lineage 2, currently a lvl 16 darkelf fighter, now i must ask you when does this game get communications man? The players just run by with their own agenda completely avoiding you. It is like grouping isn't a asset so im just wondering when will i be able to group with...
  4. fatmanterror

    Lineage 2

    I was just wondering if anybody here ever plays this game? i got it like a month ago, it is pretty fun. a couple of my friends, by coincidence have it and we all play together. sooooo anybody here play? if so, 1. What server? 2. What race? 3. And what kinda equipment are ya packin?
  5. necro0

    Lineage II

    Lineage II looks awesome. I just want some opionions from beta testers who tested it? How is it!?
  6. F


    what do you think?