Lineage II: Unlimited Grindfest is going F2P...with NO restrictions.

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Jun 9, 2009
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"Truly free" means no separate account types or blocked game content—everyone is treated like a VIP! Other than the in-game store items, all game content (character creation, races, classes, skills, zones, bosses, quests, clans, crafting, warehouse, auction house, chat, mail, forums, customer support, and so on) is absolutely free.
Of course, a cash shop, but this isn't like LoTRO or anything. You don't have to buy new content, or unlock certain things. You get the complete game, for free, no restrictions, but with the option of purchasing cash shop items. While I despise cash shops...the no restrictions thing is nice.

They also said they vastly improved the leveling system(i.e, removed alot of grind). I would consider trying it out if this is true; as back when my cousin played, he made it to like 67, but it was taking him 7 hours to grind 30% of a level, this was doing at as fast as was possible at the time. The Grind was very intense. Also, the economy was purely ****; it cost millions to get healing potions, essential for leveling up, not optional, and monsters dropped mere thousands even at his level. Not like there was any type of trade to make money off of, either, you just had to be super lucky, and grind for money on lower level mobs. Still, he said for the Castle Sieges & hundreds of people PVP was very fun.

Also, one thing I REALLY liked, it was a small, but neat feature. Randomly, a sword would drop from the Sky and have a swirling pool of like dark clouds and **** around it, anyone who grabbed it, while holding it, would gain immense powers, however, it flagged PVP in ALL ZONES, and a marker was placed on peoples minimap to where you were. It was a small, just kind of "oh cool", feature.

Q: What is Lineage® II: Goddess of Destruction™?
A: Goddess of Destruction is the largest content update in the history of the Lineage II fantasy MMORPG. Now you can play Lineage II—with its deep story, rich gameplay, and diverse and intense action—truly free.

Q: What does "truly free" mean?
A: Goddess of Destruction gives you truly free access to the largest Lineage II content update ever. You will receive free booster packs at key milestones in the game that supplement your game progression. You can also accelerate and enhance gameplay with items or premium packs from the L2 Store. "Truly free" means you can enjoy Lineage II in a way that suits your play style and budget.

Q: Can I really play Lineage II for free?
A: Yes, you can! Goddess of Destruction content (character creation, races, classes, skills, zones, bosses, quests, clans, crafting, warehouse, auction house, chat, mail, forums, customer support, and so on) is absolutely free. While we will offer some gameplay acceleration or vanity items for purchase in the L2 Store that we hope you'll enjoy, buying them is completely optional.

Q: Will I need a credit card to play?
A: No. You can play the game without entering any payment information. If you would like to purchase NCoin® for use in the L2 Store, you must add a method of payment (which includes paying with a credit card) to your NCsoft account.

Q: Aren't there premium, VIP, or similar account types?
A: No, everyone plays for free, and we consider all of our players VIPs! If you are looking for additional gameplay benefits, some convenience items, vanity items, and premium packs are available for purchase in the L2 Store.

Q: What are booster packs, and are they really free?
A: Booster packs are the free item rewards we give you after completing specific milestones in the game. A question mark will appear in-game on your screen when you reach one of the milestones that we give you incentives for. When you click on the question mark, you are offered a specific goal to reach and a list of item rewards available once you reach it. Booster packs are truly free and include low-level items, weapons, and armor suited to your character's level and location in the game. These packs help you progress more quickly toward the compelling new endgame content.

Q: I'm currently a Lineage II subscriber. What happens to me when Goddess of Destruction launches?
A: All current Lineage II subscribers automatically become free players when Goddess of Destruction launches. Any remaining prepaid game time on your account is converted to NCoin that you can use in the L2 Store. Unused time is converted to an equivalent dollar value and exchanged for the same dollar value of NCoin.

Q: Are there any incentives for me to maintain or reactivate my subscription before Goddess of Destruction launches?
A: Yes. If you continue to progress to maximum level, you will be one of the first to experience the Awakening process and the new suspenseful and action-packed high-level content in Goddess of Destruction. At launch, any remaining game time is converted to NCoin, so you'll have prepaid funds ready to spend on L2 Store items.

Q: I used to play Lineage II, but I'm not currently a subscriber. Can I access my previous characters?
A: In most cases, your previous characters are still available and you can play them for free when you reactivate your account. Depending on how long you've been away and whether you remember your credentials, you may need to go through additional steps to gain access to your characters.

Q: Are there chat limitations for free players?
A: No, all players can access in-game chat and mail.

Q: What if I need customer service help while I'm a free player?
A: All free players receive equal and ample customer service.
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Nov 30, 2002
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Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out tomorrow. Though the game looks very familiar, like I played it in the past before.
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Aug 26, 2010
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