1. DaFeLa

    The Final Fantasy Thread

    The development studio Square Enix revealed at the ceremony for the 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy series the last series offshoot of character Lightning. This had already played in Final Fantasy 13 Final Fantasy 13-2 and its successor, the main role. The last part about Lightnig to the...
  2. zmaster

    lightning strikes all

    In the namek dying map when the lightning hits the player some of their life should go down
  3. Goku321

    Aura (lightning)

    When I transform into super saiyan 2 and 3 there is no Lightning aura? I would very much like this as it adds to the effect of ssj2 and 3. Yet I wish not for the crappy aura supplied by evm for 1.2.3 but a proper comic/cartoon aura similar to the drawn one used on the episodes.:yes: :smile...
  4. Â

    Lightning effect

    ok i dont know if this was posted in a older post or not...i cant be bothered sciphoning through posts. In ESF 1.2 i have noticed that little tendrils of lighting sometimes swooped across the character...personally i think this should be used a little more on the characters especially with...
  5. I

    Gokus Lightning

    Hi there When i transform there is no lightning Help Thanks
  6. Tassadar

    Lightning Win Lord Stanley's Cup

    Tampa Bay Lightning just won the coveted prize in hockey, Lord Stanley's Cup. Post comments here. Personally I think they deserved it, Calgary did not play like they truly wanted it until the third period. Congradulations to Lightning and Calgary (for beating the Detroit Red Wings).
  7. JTR

    My first lightning animation...

    I just did my first lightning animation... What do U think?? I know I could use some advise... Dose any1 have any?? :) But C&C Im going to make one with a character later... I think it would look cool... JTR [It aint a sig... So it dosent belong in the sig forum]
  8. R

    Bots shooting Lightning

    Ok i'll keep it shor and simple. When I add a Super Bot to my room. . . They often strike me with what looks like a Raiden lightning bolt. When it hits me it Drains my ki as-if I had less then 5 life points. I'd like to know if I'm able to do this move or is this a Super Bot move only.
  9. Mr. Satans

    Map Theory/Idea

    Tell me what you think:
  10. Death The Jedi


    My 3rd bryce image.. kinda odd.. I know, it's my least favoirte out of the 3 I've made.. but whaddya think?
  11. C

    Lightning trans

    can somone plz make a custom aura that when you trans you have lightning shoot from your body out like 6 feet??
  12. C

    super saiyan lightning

    can we when we transform have lightning shoot from the models bodys?
  13. I

    Lightning effects for MDL's

    Since ive gained more control over my textures for MDL's and have been doing it for a while im now working on adding extra effects to models for ESF, i have no problem adding extra pieces such as animating/bone structure for the SsJ3 which look cool in my oppinion :rolleyes: im making an...
  14. |Da|K|

    time machine

    hey guyz i was jus wonderin watcha think of dis poster..? i try to add some depth an tryed to make the beams an **** match da any better then Feel The Light?
  15. AscensionX

    SSJ2 Aura - Get it here.

    The Aura does work with 1.1, for those of you who don't know what i am talking about, you MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!!! Get it off my Friend Hawki_ice's site. ( Heres the Aura. <TABLE...
  16. I

    Need help with my sprite...

    Magmabomb (Spirit Bomb edit) I'm making a Spirite Bomb sprite and i need to know how to change the spirit particles and how to make the sprite illuminate. If i need make a screen of it i will later.
  17. D


    here is my first esf map it´s nothing special just a try to make a good map it also includes some features like a health pool or breakable walls ...
  18. TehMuffinMan

    Behold! First Addition To The Powerup!!!

    thats it boys and girls! the first attempt at changing the charge sprite!! soccer28jp gave me the idea so i gave it a try and this freaky sprite came out!! *description* its surrounds you character in a dimond shape lightning aura of lightning with the origional colours, dont ask why it...
  19. M

    request for a new Final Flash

    I just saw for the first time the Final Flash off of the perfect cell saga, Man does that thing look sweet. Could some one remake the final flash to look more like. Like the lighting(i know of the one already made) where lighting bolts come from the 4 corners, and a very thick beam? The only...
  20. X

    Map Request

    Was wondering if someone could make a Planet Namek that looks like the Final Battle with Gokou vs. Frieza. Im talking about Dark/Greyish Sky with a lightning sprite coming down on the map every 5-10 seconds. And if possible it'd be cool to see the lightning light up the characters + the...