1. F

    How did you learn what you learned!!!

    So question to all you computer nerds out there :P How did you learn what you learned about computers? What websites did you go to? What classes did you take? How did you learn to build a computer? Why are you interested in computers/gizmos and gadgets I can't think of any other...
  2. N

    check out what "X" learned me !

    here is the art that "X" learned me :smile: ps.thnx Chaos
  3. L


    Hi, Im having a prob with my map. It compiles ok, but when i start the map i can only go into spec. If i choose a team or a character, it restarts the map. Any ideas?
  4. Wangster

    goku *thanks to davidskiwan*

    well, i made a drawing of goku, with watching as much as possible on the proportions, and folds, thanks to david for giving me the site howtodrawmanga.com, i learned proportions of goku there. here it is: wat do you guys think?
  5. U


    Its been more than 2 weeks so i m not banned! Credit to: Models:PcJoe , Vassago , SS_Vegeta Skin : Form3 - SS_Vegeta , Form 4 - me , Cyborg - me
  6. A


    They are sorta old, They've been sitting around in my computer for a while so I'm posting then for some crits on how to get better on stuff I haven't already.
  7. rarthax221


    i want to try to begin making/edit models. first of all how can u edit the texture of the model(color) i got milkshape and havnt really messed around to know anythin about it yet.
  8. Ranma

    Really good tutorials?

    I checked the stickies, but the best tutorial they had was only 50% translated from germen, so, does anyone else have any really good, FULL OF PICTURES tutourals to help me out? Maybe list some that helped all of you modelers to learn how, unless you learned by yourself, my last 2 topics about...
  9. Mr. Satans

    Just A Start

    I finally got around to messin' around with Photoshop (I've never used it before, all my previous experience was with Paint Shop Pro) & I made something! Heh it's the first thing that i've made in Photoshop that looks decent. I got the pic about 5 months ago, I don't remember where I got it...
  10. Emeka650


    I need help making a hair model of goku can someone help me or give me a tutorial.
  11. Chimpbot

    I finally decide to show off some of my work..

    Well, here ya go guys. Proto Man without his helmet :D I get bored at work, so I tend to sketch. Keep in mind that this was done with a pen in roughly..10-20 minutes at the VERY most. Well.....enjoy! :D
  12. S

    My first model!!

    Hi. Anyways, I was finally able to finish my model (no skin), and I need your comments on it that would make it better. So far these things I have caught: arms too large the feet need to be shorter and not blocky needs hands (whoops, I forgot those ;D ) the head is square (working on it)...