1. Damaera

    Charged Finger Lazer

    Hey, I was just thinking that Frieza should get a charged Finger Lazer, that loops untill his powerlevel runs out. I have no idea if this is unbalanced or not, but it would be pretty cool to see a charged Finger Lazer.
  2. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Eye Lazer and Candy Beam

    Well I was playing at a firend ESF and I used Piccolos Eye Laser and I noticed that it's kinda useless...I mean it takes very little HP and the Candy Beam as I was thinking that the Eye Lazer and Candy Beam should be as powerfull as the eye laser in Bid for Power....and plz don't...
  3. DJ-Ready

    WIP screens of my new map

    k, i thought i just throw out a screenie of my new (WIP) map for ESF... my other esf maps are ALL on hold ppl, so stop bugging me on aim/icq/msn! (pic may be not always online...) i just started terraforming, so dont expect much at this point...
  4. M

    New finger lazer secondary fire.

    How about this. Instead of the often spamed rappid fire fingerlazers, instead make a more damageing lazer that needs to be charged like a beam.
  5. Mistery X

    Azn's new car?

    check what I recieved from Azn him self..
  6. Deverz

    Picollo's eye lazer

    if you use the eye lazer then power up while still firing and hold down fire the eye lazer stays there but it doesnt do any damage to anyone who pases though it but it passes though them
  7. S

    freiza's finger lazer

    In the series, this attack doesn't explode but pierces a target. I was just thinking possibly have this attack in the game, damage targets line of sight of the blast.
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