1. Arsenovicius

    1.3 lame game ?

    Well i am thinking that if they add more transformations...(they will) the game will be very spam-lame. why ? i think that.. : transformations = pl = noobs beamspam attack what u think..? plz any 1 who can answer me about that....
  2. _Goku_

    Something lame....

    one bot in god mode or something like that , the bigest dificulty did something with my beam kinna lightning or something like that , consumed all of it and when i swoop to him ..... the same thing with me but only my energy was decreasing ?! i mean like O.o wtf is that does any1 know cuz i...
  3. jp

    lame comix by moi

    I was bored, and so I made these, a few comix, Enjoy, and Hopefull I recieve some usefull C&C ;) (I found out I should have add a border around the comix, oh well >_<) And the last one is weird, not sure if you guys know what "wicca" is, but its a religion, and its...
  4. Valeska

    my lame GTA-SA Signature

    like all the other GTA-SA sigs on this forum fast and simple :smile:
  5. W

    so lame ......

    well I was thinknig what people think is lame( eg krillen and his splitting beam over and over and over again ) and why it's lame ( it hits/kills everyone with no effort or skill involved ) and what you can do to fix it if you can think of one ( removing the attack from krillen and giving him...
  6. S

    Ripley's Believe It or Not!... getting lame.

    Anyone notice how many "one of a kind" cat-men or cat-women there are now? I swear, in every episode there is one now. One was just so lazy, they had marker drawings of spots drawn all over their body, ooOOoo, so amazing. My baby cousin can do the exact same thing, and did! :/. And just...
  7. Shuyin

    Solution To Lame Beam Explosions (right clicking beams)

    Proceed to post five. ~Boyster Ignore This Post Problem: One big thing that makes beams lame, is having beamers that 100% of the time right click the beam and explode it in your face. Which leads to never getting to powerstruggle :/ Now i imagine that the true purpose of right...
  8. I

    lame things

    i just started on 1.2 a couple of days ago, and allready you notice some lame stuff that are back. the lamest was you can swoop,attack(simple melee) then swoop and attack again while the enemy is stunned and even add a generic beam. this is a really really cheap combo free to be abused easily.
  9. Goku SSJ3


    i was wondering, why the search buton exists.. cuz its useless.. i search three different words which i want to find.. and all i get is junkheap trash.. i mean.. it doesent find anything... i dont realy care if this is flame or spam or whatever.. i dont care if this gets closed.. just curious...
  10. D

    Lame o'

    This is a bit lame but I'm only 11 so it might be all right.first there should be a way to turn from 0-360 degrease. and still you should be able to fight.
  11. A

    I'm sick of lame meelee people.

    EFS Is a nice game, asslonge there are not meele losers around, always getting you in the back, or if you are bushy agianst a other with a beam, very irritating and it kills the fun, for most. I play it sometimes, and I get a lot more fun with out meelee losers, than with, only think they do...
  12. catfish

    Best method for carving

    What are opinions on the best methods to use when carving? Currently I want to create a pillar type object in my map. I've approached it by firstly creating a large tall block solid and carving away at its sides to shape it into a circular-ish (big rock pillar is not an exact circle anyway)...
  13. A

    ESF has become lame again

    We got stupid kids crashing the server. This should have been the first thing on the list to fix up.
  14. Nuttzy

    crash model (needalilhelphere) (copy&paste) i have a compiled mdl, but its not ingame...yet, i made a few anims with my attempt at a custom skeleton (which it requires) but as i went on i saw the need more and more that it needed a new skeleton, i can do the animating, but...
  15. A

    ESF is getting lame :/

    We got some stupid kids, that cheat and crash the server. Whats the fun is playing when all I get is this.
  16. M

    I is bakz

    puter went boom... smo went cry.. then i went sslap
  17. I


    New Maps
  18. S

    Is teleporting lame?

    I used to play in this server, and everyone used to get along, and whatever people used was ok, whether it was disks or big bangs or whatever. And then day that server died, so I joined another. I'm a player that uses a lot of teleporting (I play as Trunks). And then people were telling me...
  19. D

    how to make non mirrored skins

    looking at all the battel damege skins that have been made there all mirrored and it bugs me, when there is a very simple and quick answer so i have made a little tutorial, its kinda lame and youll have a hard time if you dont have a clue about milkshape. so here's the link, and sorry...
  20. S

    Lame things

    i post this thread because of this: there are lame things in alpha. - exploding the attack in ps - killing psing ppl - in psing pressing fly key to fall down to not get killed - and other things that u know in beta there are a lot of them fixed, but i wanna know if they are all fixed...