1. Hibiki

    KOTOR MMO : This time it's for reals

    http://www.joystiq.com/2008/10/07/lucasarts-bioware-unveiling-new-game-oct-21/ WHAT EVER COULD THE GAME BE?!
  2. Eon

    KOTOR 3 confirmed? Possiblly Bull****

    http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=92630 IF this is true, also notice Bioware has the reigns once again for KOTOR
  3. G

    Star Wars KotOR II TSL

    OK this time its a real problem. ok so i just killedmaster vrook and i went to the Ebon Hawk. i travel to dxun and roamed around for 10 mins looking for where I had to go next. after the 10 minutes I saved and shut off the comp becaus ei had family members visiting ( non none of them touched the...
  4. sub

    Anyone have KOTOR for PC and want to help me out?

    I bought KOTOR 1 for the PC when it first came out. On my first computer, I got the blue screen of death pretty often. I figured it was just because my computer at the time sucked, no big deal, managed to play through the entire game. When I got my new computer, I installed it and again I had...
  5. G

    KOTOR ROTS clone trooper

  6. Eon

    Favorite KOTOR character? [Spoilers, wtf?]

    Playing through KOTOR II for the gillionth time, and been thinking, what is your favorite character? D: Mine WOULD be Darth Revan, but I'm an HK-47 fan o/
  7. Eon


    Man, I bought this game a week ago for PC, and knew what to expect. I played it on my friends Xbox when it was first released, and he had to pry me away from it. The game completely kicks major ass. I Would still favor the first one, since it was "new" but the amount of things you can do in...
  8. A

    Just a stupid little Thread for KOTOR fans.

    What were your favourite quotes from KOTOR?(And Not just restricted to HK-47) Here's one of my favourites...but theres one I'm looking for in particular....when HK is trying to translate the Jawa near the Anchorhead gate. Yuthura Ban: "and who are these two?" You: "They are my slaves"...
  9. A

    Arthos Seeks KOTOR help, (SPOILERS)

    For once, I am completely helpless at solving a Bug. I have always been able to figure it out before, now I can't. First off, I have a couple of Lightsaber Balancing mods(They were too weak to begin with. Now they're perfect.) As well as both of RedHawk's Item Packs, and his Boosterpack. (Can...
  10. G

    KOTOR 2

    :O http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/rpg/kotor2/index.html Well I knew it was in development, but seems like more details have been revealed :p good stuff as well since KOTOR was just amazing.