1. The Deco

    Help me expand my music knowledge.

    Well, the thing is, im looking for some 80s disco, dance songs, not Trances, but 80s style disco and dance. Something more poppish, less psychedelic. It should contain lyrics. The thing is I don't know where to start, so you guys, what songs and bands should I listen to? Or start with? Thanks
  2. Ravendust

    PSP's Give The Gift of Knowledge select schools. Source: Personally I can think of other, cheaper, devices they could use. The PSP has a lot of functions but it's still primarily a gaming/media device.
  3. Cenie

    in need of knowledge

    ive been on this forum for a while and ive been to a few other forums that have art/sigs sections and ive realised that its only on this forum that people know good sigs, so i set to work on making one and then ehh..blanked :'( does anyone have an idea they could spare for a sig for a poor old...
  4. Effigy

    Knowledge = the animation

    i finnaly figured out model animation in milkshape :| the reason i posted this is that i had an idea of directional ki attacks to scare the hell out of ppl when they come from a side... the animation shows vegeta doing a big bang to his left My First ANI *the reason its in off topic is...
  5. M


    Well our clan i about to release their first map it Supremekai planet not during the fight with Kid Buu but Before Gohan was there with a lake in the middle of the lake a peeked mountain with the Z-sword it it and some more eye candy i will post reference pics as soon as possible and soon after...
  6. owa


    Hey, Well I'm not new to layout mkaing I just suck at it cause of my lack of HTML knowledge. Anyways here is what I made, the actual site will have minor changes but untill then tell me what ya think.
  7. Logan4434

    Mystic Gohan

    i made a version of Azn's mytic gohan that is non battle dammaged for those who wanted it.and if you havent gathered this yet,credits go to Azn for the original pic: and the model download link:p :
  8. C

    Why not make Super 17?

    I'm wondering why no one seems to have made a Super 17 model for ESF or any other DBZ mod out there. I was hoping someone looking to make more models for the new beta could try out making theese two characters (maybe to replace trunks or something.) And another thing: in Milkshape, I'm having a...
  9. Messiah Daz

    My Sig

    Well I am not so good at graphics but what do you guys thing of my sig? Oh and My Avatar as well.
  10. K

    senzu beans?

    I have a major problem with the senzu beans...they always show up just below the ground. You can still grab them, but can't see them. How can I fix this? I have already tried making the ground 1 unit thick and I am also using the hullfile. What gives?
  11. Antoine3323

    Mappin help!!

    Hey, I just created one bad ass CS map, but whenever I try to play it, HL just crashes!!! I dont know why its doin that!! Everything is compiling fine, and to the best of my knowledge there are no errors!! Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the problem?!?!?
  12. J


    Where can i download models?? The models for Gohan and someone of the other ones don't ahve one..... I know i'm a newb. Sorry... Been playing CS for about 2 years.... I would be glad if someoe could help me. Thanks
  13. USJTrunks

    New siggy

    Do you like it?
  14. Antoine3323

    Vassago Interview

    I just found an old interview that Vassago did from a while back. It was on a CS skin site, and I just happened to see it. It's Vassago's brown-eye! I can't think of a title :e by Sovkhan Interview Date | 05/12/01 Sovkhan: I know you started out skinning for CS, this was way back...
  15. A

    New Model

    now that got ur attention how do u skin a model, like change the colors in psp or sumthin sumone plz tell me and what r all the uses of hl model vewer? juss vewing the model thas it? sumone pleez reply i knoe sum of u knoe how to do this thank u :rolleyes: :tired...