1. Taurus 2112

    This Time It's not Kirby YAY!!!

    My second model, this one done in Maya c&c please. I would post closeups except Maya is very demanding on any system and I am only running 256 megs of RAM so once i get my dilemna in check I will be able to preform accordingly.
  2. CM

    Yet ANOTHER Kirby.

    I HAVE NO INTENTION OF SHOWING THE MODEL'S STRUCTURE! I only modelled Kirby to have a good product render. It is in reality horribly constructed.
  3. Enix

    My Kirby

    LOL! I just had to do it. :laff:
  4. crazykorean10

    Need some kirby pics

    I am starting to make a Kirby model and i need a pic for back right and left thx :yes:
  5. E

    Le Kirby.

    It didnt take long obviously. I did his body in 234 polies, so i gave it a mesh smooth for the pure fact I could. its only a preview cuz i cant render it, so. Heres what you can see so far ;o animatablle mouth so i can practice a animation sequence of him doing his absorbtion thing...
  6. Kurachi

    zelda and kirby wads

    can somebody get Ocarina Of Time, Majora's Mask and kirby wads? .... i need textures like the grounds walls and more from different places like : (OOT)zora's domain,lon lon ranch,temple of time,kakariko, kokiri and hyrule castle and from MM places like: Clock town,romani ranch,woodfall,deku...
  7. Kurachi

    Kirby maps(>'_')>

    i have another idea.. a kirby map ..the pink gumball has episodes too named: Kirby right back at ya (i only found 3 episodes nr1,2 and 4)so i gotta make a map like the levels in the kirby games... and if anyone can make a kirby model (if you know him) i can put it in my map... i hope it's gonna...
  8. S

    Kirby Siggy

    I made a kirby sig with Samus's Powers. How ya like it? :laff:
  9. Hash

    Kirby Pics!!!

    Does anyone of some good pics of Kirby? Cuz I wanna make a Sig with Kirby but I just can't find any good pics of him. If anyone has any could they please post them so I can save them, it would be much appreciated. *Edit* Dude Doesn't anyone have some pics? No one? :( *Sigh.............*