1. RavenTrunks

    Smite. Third person MOBA Closed beta keys. I currently have 2 beta keys to give. If anyone wants one let me know here and by the end of either today or tomorrow ill pick 2 at random to give, assuming more than 2 wants one.
  2. Mkilbride

    Free The Old Republic Keys being given out, hurry! Limited and you go to be quick about this. I got mine already, though I have no real intention of playing.
  3. Suh Dude

    What are your control keys?

    They can be from any type of game but this is pretty much what I use on most of my keys. Forward: E Backwards: D Strafe Left : A Strafe Right: S Crouch: V Sprint: F Use: MMB Change class: Insert Change team: Delete I've never seen anyone else use different keys to move other than WASD.
  4. frsrblch

    SupCom keys!!

    I just got a key from FP, so I think they've released another batch...
  5. R

    keys dont work (binds)

    I was playing ESF well actually EVM but as i got 1.5mil xp and tried to ascend, it wouldn't let me. I checked the bindlist and it was "z" as usual so i clicked on restore defaults and tried again but didn't work as well :S . When i reinstall it, i could ascend even with EVM but when i play with...
  6. A

    still trouble with cd key:S

    Ok and now I have my own cd key (the original) and a purchuased version of half life but now it says I have an invalid cd key and I'm sure I typed it right.But some friend of mine borrowed it earlier with my cd key could that be the problem?? I wanna play this game, but every time something...
  7. S

    Cant bind keys to number pad

    i cant seem to bind my keys to the numberpad on steam esf, this happened with won but that was fixed by running it in windows 98 compatibility mode, if i do it with steam i get an error can any one help?
  8. P

    Keys are not bound.

    Whenever I play ESF, I can't move or do anything. I think its becuz my keys are not bound. Can somebody help me fix this?
  9. R

    Problem with keys?

    I downloaded ESF, and got into a server, but I couldnt move or do anything. I looked into my keys and nothing was there.. I can't fix to move foward or anything... HELP!
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    iidx take 2

    yeah comments and critz plz. pure photoshop, and yes it is simple but judge on overal look
  11. VivaLaPineapple


    comments and critz welcome. yeah its celia from iidx
  12. C

    Cd keys Where can I get?

    Where can I find a cd key cuz I whant to play on the net I and I can't seem to find one that some one else isn't using! PLz PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ help me! Thanks!
  13. N

    Keys Binds

    Hey I just thought I would make this thread to see how other ESF players config there controls. Post in here how you have your keys binded (fly is binded to X, Block is binded to G, etc) My keys are just set to default, Fly=F Block=Q Charge=E Teleport=R Jump=SPCBar Crouch=CTRL...
  14. Zou Anli


    Ive seen this map on a server. I was conecting but before I could download the map was banned. Does somebody knows more about that map or could gimmi a url to download it ?
  15. G

    Mirroring pics

    What is a program that I can mirror pics?
  16. G

    Need valid Cd keys

    can someone spare some? dont have anything to trade though.
  17. Wolf

    Delay on the keys....

    me and my a few others have notice a delay between keys and actions, has anyone else experienced this? will this be fixed in 1.1 or at least be investigated?
  18. G

    default keys?

    not sure how much of a big this is but, none of the defult keys does are what they should be. ok movement is, and attack is. the others arent. and when the game kicks me (see other thread) they all go back to thier default, that dosent work.
  19. S

    half life cd keys

    does anyone have a extra half life cd key i could have? i need one real bad and i would be so thankful if someone would lend me one thank you
  20. S


    Something I drew and I wanted to show :) crits and comments?