1. Damaera


    Ok guys I'm a new map maker............... and I really suck at the sky wall part... Maybe someone can help me?
  2. TAz00


    Well I made a new map for the Neo clan... Not much to other than there will be a link to the map on thier website sooner or later. Me and [NC]ND are testing the map for errors and such at the moment....:yes: There is 2 secret rooms, or one of them is more like a tunnel shortcut.
  3. DJ-Ready

    WIP screens of my new map

    k, i thought i just throw out a screenie of my new (WIP) map for ESF... my other esf maps are ALL on hold ppl, so stop bugging me on aim/icq/msn! http://dj-ready.dyndns.org/s2k_village.jpg (pic may be not always online...) i just started terraforming, so dont expect much at this point...
  4. M

    Map: Kami's lookout/ROSAT ( picture inside )

    Hello people, let me show me some progress about the room of spirit and time / Kami map. crits, ideas, comments are always welcome ! Greets , and take care :yes:
  5. E

    moving death ball

    i'm busy trying to make a map with a sort of death ball (sphere made of red liquid that can kill) and would like to know how would i get it to move round on a path?
  6. S

    Fantasy Arena 2 - Rivalry Of Legends - Lots of Pictures

    Hi here are a set of screens of my new map for my quake3 mod. www.rol.flagrun.net The maps about 10% complete but heres some of the progress so far !
  7. S

    what program is needed to start mapping?

    where and what do u need? Thanx
  8. KarrdeKNR

    Where to find files

    Ok, just as friendly little information thread, for anyone who comes here looking for custom sounds, models, maps, etc. Check out ESF-World and HL2Files.com They have everything ESF that's worth having. Now you guys can stop posting topics about this stuff :P -Karrde-
  9. G

    can i get a mapping program at ???????

    goku_201@hotmail.com if u no plz tal me
  10. steve-o

    DBLB map release

    DragonBall : Lastbout Map release a mod for unrealtournament 2003.. go cheak out the map we have released. The DBLB team have decided to give you all a map for your easter present to play around with.. Hope you enjoy it and any tip's for the map will be looked forward to.. We are going to use...
  11. Lord Killmore

    Sound editing

    Sound editing (where to find editors) I need some help! (maybe this belongs in the help topic...) I want to make some sounds so i tried it with the nero wave editor but the sound don´t work :cry: What kind of programm do i need and how can i make sounds ????(a lot of requests at a time :p )
  12. L


    My 2nd map for this mod is now out, :D!! http://deadsoldier.web1000.com/index-02.htm This one, has no errors in it, that i know off... i hope theres none :] i don't think there is any.. Well on the map, there is two secect places on the map, im not telling you where they are. you got to...
  13. S


    hi again. I just wanted to say that my second map is ready. you can donload it on our page. -=[AFC]=- herer some screenshots: klick on them to make it larger^^ <img border=0 src="http://www.animefreak-clan.com/maps/afc_budokai/d_1.jpg" width=100 height=75> <img border=0...
  14. TwisteR


    our caln has our own map now. its called nc_laserarena. its a cool little map so you should try it out. sorry for low qual pic:( http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=2236943 and you can get it here http://www.freewebs.com/neo-clan/nc_laserarena.zip[
  15. M

    Buu map?

    Whoa it would be cool if someone did ESF_buuinards map. Funny if you ask me. I hope after someone reads this post they would maybe want to make this map.
  16. G

    Kami Map

    Where can I get this KAMI I dont like the one I have is on NIGHT I want this one on DAY not NIGHT.
  17. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u no plz help
  18. R

    a teraditional arena map....but....

    but this time it has biohazardous stiff around the arena (Doesnt damage yet,going to fix it) For now its just for training purposes,but maybe Im gonna make it a tourny map http://www.geocities.com/kaiser_neo/map/ pics for now,forgive my horrendous lighting in the map,it was supposed to...
  19. B0Bmaster40000

    Mappers Needed for Project:FW

    im a lone mapper bearing a heavy load at the moment with all the maps being planned for Futora Warfare. I would appreciate any help. For more information, go here: http://members.lycos.co.uk/fwmod/ if u wish to join, pm me here or leave a post in our forums