1. Mr. Satans

    Sphere Theory

    I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but forgot about it and it finally came back: I thought, "Hmm what about building a sphere in the same way an igloo is build, rectangular blocks" It might be tedious work but if done right it could result in a VERY smooth looking sphere.
  2. Shuyin

    Map Request Supreme Kai

    If theres a mapper out there who'd like to have a go at making this map then please do! Ive got a few screenshots of the map in a zip folder for reference. Its the Supreme Kai's planet from the kid buu saga, i think it'd make a nice map http://members.neouniverse.net/Spencer/kaimappics.ZIP
  3. G

    Kaio question

    Is it possible to make like øøh kaios planet and make models like kaio just standing in front off the hoause and just loking around. that would be cool ps. they shuldt be a part off the map not ``fill´´ (so to speak) the map o_o
  4. T

    WIP King Kai

    well i was bored today and alot of ****t has been happening to me and well i just felt like laying low today so i devoted today to learning 3ds and ****t is what i came out with. *edit i already made his robe longer
  5. M

    Goku King Kai

    Here is my first Skin Edit, Goku with King Kai Symbol on back of his gi. The original skin was produced by the ESF team. They get 99% of the skin credit! I only edited the skin by adding the symbol on the back. I need some hosting for the zip file. Please give some feedback and...
  6. Black Raven

    3 little reskins

    I´ve made 3 reskins,hope you´ll liek them ^^ 1.Redsaiyan Vegeta Redsaiyan Vegeta, i´ve try to keep as near as possible to the orginal redsaiyan head from Spins great page. Picture: Download: http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/blackraven0/ESF/Redsaiyan.zip Credits to Azn Dragon...
  7. sexyasian86

    Request: King Kai

    i was wondering, with all this kai stuff happening in the other threads if anyone can make a King Kai model/skin teehehe ^_^ sounds like it could be fun, right? :D just a random request. peace outs:idea:
  8. We$$ide

    Goku with roshis symbol on his back

    Goku with roshi's and king kai's symbol on his back ive made a roshi symbol on gokus back(i thought it would be better as an empty back :cool: ) credits: model/skin = the esf team symbol on gokus back = -=The Wes=- here is a pic Here is a download link (copy and paste) for the...
  9. G

    Otherworld Tournament.

    This is an idea for a map. The Otherworld Tournament! Where Goku and Piccon fought. I would be in the shape of a circle and a square area in the center for the fighting area. A chair for the Grand Kai and rocks hovering above it all, like in the show. If no one plans to make it, i've been...
  10. V

    grand kai tournament (vote)

    .only vote only if your in the tournament......i made this poll bc i think i would really help Groovy pick the best day for everybody:]
  11. grOOvy

    Grand Kai Tournament

    Inspired by the Earth Tournament... I am gonna get my T3 100Mb/s LAN Server friend to host a dedicated server for a EUROPEAN tournament. Looking at his IP and the people coming, I am guessing it'll be a US/Canada event and European people getting 250+ ping are gonna miss out on the action. So...
  12. Vladdie

    can someone make an gohan model with kai uniform?

    read the title
  13. L


    has anyone made a adult gohan wearing the kai clothes? you know when hes training with the Z sword... if not can someone make it?
  14. B0Bmaster40000

    Supreme Kai

    well here is a pic of my supreme kai so far:] as you can see i still have the hair to do, smooth it, skin it, add bones, animate it...:(
  15. Skinnerfool

    Where can i get this model

    where can i get a supreme kia model i search for it but i sin't see any so someone give me da link!
  16. B0Bmaster40000

    Reference Material

    where do you guys find your reference material for making models? ie pics and screenshots of characters. cause all i can find are crappy, small, or obscure angle pictures.

    king kai map?

    Is anyone making a king kai map?
  18. P

    Kai planet

    I think that someone should make a map for teh kai planet. I think that the z-sword should be put in too. I would attempt to make it but im working on a model right now. Think about it
  19. E

    Grande Kia Map *continued*

    No spam! No going offtopic! I want to ONLY see posts about MAPPING! Thread continued....
  20. M

    Mystic Gohan improvement pack part 2

    Um,i didn't know it was leaked,i d/l it of red saiyan and i thought it was released,i found the sounds crap,so i released a hq soundpack made by me,i made a pack including the gohan model for easyness for those people who dont have the model,and a pack exclusive that model for the ones who...