1. krzyhox

    Dragon ball kai AMV

    Hi my Video coment ;D. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NL6xNWVeAI&feature=youtu.be
  2. Grega

    DB Kai the return O.o

    So it seems part 98 just got released and they are actually going to stick with the other world tournament filler for part 99 it would seem from the preview. So yea seems like Kai will be doing Buu saga after all.
  3. Deathshot

    Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butōden

    So I decided to pick up a copy of this game for the DS due to a friend saying it would be a nostalgic feeling. He was right. This game easily reminds me of the old Budokai 3 days. Back when DB games weren't complete total clone filled **** games. I started to play it and well after making it...
  4. M

    Dragon ball KAI

    hello ! Know you dragon ball kai? It is the serial meme but put back(handed) has nine ^^ Here is the official french site : http://db-z.com/dragon-ball-z-kai-gt
  5. Vegeta

    Dragon Ball Z Kai sets new record as highest-rated series premiere in network's hi...

    Taken from FUNimation Blog, ANN, and FUNi's Facebook blog:
  6. wheres_

    Dragonball Kai

    I think maybe someone made a thread for this before... but anyway it started the same time as the new fullmetal anime. It's also being subbed and released in 720p eps. This is probably the best way to take in dragonball other than reading the manga i'd say. There is no filler (except for the...
  7. Disguise

    Kings of Kai: Ascend

    I know the forum competition is over, but I thought this might be a good one to consider. The Kai are the Gods over the universe, but in the series, the characters become even stronger than the Kai and eventually the Dragons themselves (I see the potential reference of GT as an added bonus)...
  8. Mr.Lukyas

    DB Kai

    Found this on the other forum and found it pretty interesting.
  9. U

    west supreme kai vs super perfect cell

    west supreme kai was the second strongest kai next to south.. she was able to struggling with kid buu for a long times(which she was far stronger than east supreme kai and the other kai's). is she stronger than super perfect cell!?
  10. LionHeart

    grand kai vs king kai

    do u think that king kai is better than grand kai??? cuz i didn't see grand kai in any battle action
  11. ace005

    King Kai

    Hello again. I was just wondering if someone could get some ref pics for King Kai plssss..pretty please with sugar on top:smile:
  12. ace005

    King kai car

    I'm working on a King Kai's Car model, but I still need some ref pics, for front and back Can someone help me pls?
  13. Theoboy

    King Kai planet question?

    What do you think there would work best for a map based on King Kais planet: A round or a flat map?
  14. Theoboy

    King Kai

    I was wondering if there was someone who would make a model of King Kai and a model of King Kais car? It's for a new map.. If there is someone there will make those models that would be so great.
  15. Kermitdude

    The Grand Kai

    Zero has been working on an Otherworld map and has all but finished. This model (once completed) will be a part of that map and animated as well. Take a looksee. He's still got some work (skinning/tweaking/rig) but I hope to have him finished within the next couple of...
  16. SSJ5GotinksDBAF


    I love the supreme kai but I have no idea why... :rolleyes: o_o so post here if you want to be in the Kai Lovin Club
  17. |Overlord|

    Kai Buddy System Idea

    i was thinknig maybe the kais could be added in a future version of esf maybe the kais i would like to see in the game would be supreme kai , Kabito & kaioshin (the fusion of the both of em) after going on a crazy dbz watching Spree , i an remeber these attacks that the supreme kai did ...
  18. |Overlord|

    kai planet map request

    i would like to see someone make a map based on the planet of the kais (the planet in final battle of dbz) , is there any out , or would any1 be working on one rite now ? maybe a normal and damaged versions ? maybe cold steel you could make one , as i read in another thread , u have to pump out...
  19. Mr. Phonso

    king kai

    hey all, finished this a few days ago, im showing it here to get some final C&C so here you go
  20. imkongkong

    supreme kai character

    im not saying that supreme kai should be in, but if he is i have an idea for his transformations he will have one transformation which will be the fusion of him and kibito kibito can teleport next to supreme kai and then pull out the earrings, they would then be fused togehter ok there...