1. 1

    ISSUES with the new HL update..

    -There is a teleport lag after you recharge // you can check this one out when you create your own game.... and watch how fast u can teleport - beams lagg your fps... you have to rejoin server to fix fps - fps in servers just drop sometimes. the list will be edited and continued.... This new...
  2. Skyrider

    Report Arcade Issues

    Report all arcade issues in this thread. That is all.
  3. Skyrider

    External HDD USB & eSATA issues

    I'll just copy/paste it: Some extra: Would love to know if anyone knows an answer / solution :). External HDD Type: WD My Book
  4. Mkilbride

    U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void
  5. Wolf

    QC File issues while trying to compile a mdl.

    Its been a pretty long time since i've attempted to compile my own mdl. I lack the SDK's from steam do to my internet, downloading 1gig would take me a few days and i'm under a monthly limit out here, so i'm having to do a QC from scratch and by hand. Anyways, I'm using GUIstudiomdl to compile a...
  6. Damaera

    Internet issues with torrenting?

    Hey guys, I'm having a weird issue and I'm in need of assistance. Basically, whenever I torrent something, my internet drops and my main router (not linksys, but the actual cable provider router) decides to reset itself. This has always been happening to me, but on and off for some odd reason...
  7. Skyrider

    External HDD Pendrive? issues & Windows 7

    Hey guys, For some odd reasons, when I attached my External HDD to my newly installed Windows 7 it changed every single External partition I had in to PENDRIVES as you can see here below: G & H are my Data & Backup partitions. For some odd reasons, in Windows XP they were normal partition...
  8. Skyrider

    WD My Book Home Edition (1TB) spindown issues.

    I have a Western Digital My Book Home Edition (1TB) and I'm having a few issues on it outside the PC world. The issue is the spindown/sleep/idle that happens when it's not being used for a while. Does anyone knows a way to disable this so it won't sleep at all?
  9. Optional

    GNU Grub issues

    I used to have a duel boot between Vista 64 and Fedora 11. I had some issues with Fedora that required a format. After formatting the Fedora 11 partition, GNU Grub would load. After figuring out the commands I needed to boot Windows, I figured merging the remaining partitions might get rid of...
  10. Z

    Power Level changer issues.

    Im having issues with the PL changer that was posted earlier this year by Spunky. I cant post the link cause I dont have 5 posts yet lol :( Im pretty sure i did everything right. when I check amx_plugins this is what I get. Evolution X C.O.R.E EvolutionX.amxx...
  11. Skyrider

    Forum Issues Report / To do Thread

    Are there things on the forums not working that should be working? Missing images, pages, broke themes, and so on? Please report them in this thread. I'd like to get as many things fixed as fast as possible. I can't personally check the whole forum on my own and check every single forum molecule...
  12. J-Dude

    HD Quicktime format having issues with a lot of programs

    So, I bought an HD camcorder, the Kogan HD, which is capable of recording 1080p and 720p resolutions and has given me some pretty neat results. I'm using it primarily so I can do a fan film that will require a good deal of CG work and video editing. The videos encode into a Quicktime movie...
  13. Skyrider

    Windows 7 & ATI Driver Issues.

    Hey Guys, I have some issues installing ATI Video Drivers & the ATI software on Windows 7 (64 Bit.) I attempted a lot of installations, even the windows 7 64bit ones. It seems to install correctly, but when ever I check the hardware monitor settings, but I keep seeing this: Even if I remove...
  14. Raine

    ESF-World Issues

    Ok, so whats the problem? Is it that big of a problem to take this long to fix? I might be able to help out, but seriously i can barely work on esf without esf-world -.-
  15. T

    Mokeuh_s_ECX_Pack_V1.1 issues.

    Disrigaurding the fact that this isn't the "help" forum,though it seem's the best place to start a thread regaurding this addo "Mokeuh_s_ECX_Pack_V1.1" I find myself lost in not knowing where to put these files at to there main directory. Such as the: Core Folder(ETC,Plugins,and taunt...
  16. Nuttzy

    PC-> HDTV issues, video playback

    ok well, my old pc to my surprise had a DVI-output (whereas my new one does not) i tried hooking it up to my panasonic 1080p HDTV, set it to the appropriate resolution and windows looks great, and still images look proper (aside from being a little oversaturated) i was thinking GREAT, I can...
  17. donnierisk

    2 computer issues

    Every now and again for some unkown reason, everything on my screen starts to blur, the whole image, i've noticed this for quite some time now, but it doesn't always happen. Now when I switched on my computer after a week, it was horrible, much worse than before, I can hardly read text, like...
  18. S

    Xhair and other issues

    I have noticed that there is a xhair within the game but it appears when it wants too, will there be one in the final release? Also the ginyu body swap move is very very odd, everytime ive went to bodyswap someone ive turnt into a frog, could someone give me some tips on how to do this properly.
  19. shadowcast

    Chat issues

    well up till worked normally....but now when i try to chat the game freezes.....cant control anything but the fight goes on.....everyone is moving, chatting but i can't do nothing
  20. Chakra-X

    New Hard Drive Issues

    Alright this has been trouble since day 1. With all the blue screens of death, two of my techy buddies said the hard drive was probably the problem. So I backed up my stuff, got the hard drive, installed it, then installed windows. Now I want to restore my files with the .bkf file I made as a...