1. Slofreak

    ESF interface artwork

    I made this interface design because i was bored and i wanted to do something in PS. The middle dragon is the original one i started with. One on the left is what i made and shows how it looks in the normal mode. The one on the right that is glowing shows when the SSJ transformation is...
  2. K

    no interface

    Ok so i just installed ESF and i wnt into a game and i have NO UI at all. i cant see anything but the mdel of my char and the map... how do i fix?
  3. A

    Object Interface

    The general idea is to have all kinds of items availabe on the map that each player can use to fight with. Somewhat like power stone( a very interactive and great game that came out on the DreamCast ) 1. Trunks Sword: After a player has defeated trunks, his sword and its case falls to the...
  4. M

    Environment Interface

    Could the team please make maps that change from day to night? That would be so much better then having 2 seperate maps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- when a new map starts the voice of a dragon could say something like... are you ready? or Begin...
  5. Kurt`

    You think Vista's interface looks cool?

    It has nothing on XGL. (you may want to get a fresh box of tissues before launching this) (57.9 megs) That's completely rendered by your graphics card (even a 4-5 year old card can run it), so 0% CPU load. Requires less CPU to render...
  6. Z

    I wanna translate th ESF interface, how?

    I wanna translate the ESF interface. Including pics e.g. backround etc. but especially the WRITTEN interface. how do i do that? what files I need to edit in order to?
  7. VivaLaPineapple

    interface or wall(critz/comments welcome)

    so yeah it was originally meant to be a wall but seriously could be an interface. what do guys think? most of this was done with pixels only filter used is blur.
  8. Rajikk

    Gmax vs Milkshape

    Ok can some people show me milkshape models and gmax models just want to see the difference in quality
  9. Rajikk

    Is Gmax any good

    Hey could you tell me if gmax is better than milkshape because milkshape times out so does anyone have a registered version or isn't it worth it Because I've just got gmax and I've got to register it so does it cost anything to register gmax
  10. Ranma

    Is Photoshop 7 worth it?

    I have Photoshop 6. I noticed alot of people around here use Photoshop 7. I was wondering is 7 ALOT better then 6? Or are they about the same? What does 7 have that 6 doesn't? EDIT* lol thanks for moving it Firefly, i was going to put it in artwork, but i thought people would considered it...
  11. E

    Please Any L33t Designers please

    can any l33t designers make me an interface for my site if u say yes ill pm u the details thanks ps. I hope futile says yes..... or anyone.....
  12. Seph`

    Website Interface

    Hey all, I'm in the middle of designing and interface for my Myth Of Somasite, and this is what i have so far Tell me what you think and can you tell me how to get the specific areas clickable and send you to one place, defined by me. eg the "Forums" button on it would take u to the...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    what do ya think?

    i cant say i really like photoshop its interface is a bit more complicated then psp's but what do u think of this yeah i used a tut to learn how to do it but this was done from memory. i did this at a friends house.
  14. S

    Lightwave Questions

    ok, i was opening the modeller, and i had never used it before, so i messed around with the options... then all of a sudden the menu is gone! how? i dont know, but im asking you how to get it back... please reply if u do...
  15. G

    Hey Vassago I got a question for you

    Since you use lightwave, I was wondering maybe if you have used 3d studio max, you could tell me which one YOU think is better, yes I know its pretty much preference but like which is overall better, break it down for me if you don't mind.
  16. Akhkaru

    Me trying to model

    Ok, I've been wanting to model characters since 1 1/2 yrs. ago, I want some tutorials for Milkshape 3d, the free vers. thanks