1. MrPlow

    Any interesting & free way to excercise which i won't forget about the next day?

    .... Is there? I'm not fat, just out of shape. I play basketball but aside from that i don't really do much. I can like barely do 15 pushups and 40 situps which is really really really lame to what i used to. I'm not financially stable enough to afford a gym membership and i am quite...
  2. Deathshot

    "SWOT" Very Interesting

    So I decided to pick up on a New Manga that released in 2009 called "SWOT". I have only read the first Chapter of it and it seems very interesting. The main character is a Genius and wants to build a UFO. He wants to build a UFO to discover the universe and much more. He also trained to fight...
  3. Damaera

    An interesting read - Go check it out.
  4. Zeonix

    Found an Interesting Video From One of Our Own Please offer constructive (and destructive, if necessary) criticism, opinions, or anything else that you believe would help our dear friend improve. The last thread went sour, so please be nice about it. We're going to help him; not take him down several...
  5. SS4 Gogeta

    Interesting comparison

    An interesting comparison I made (most likley others have made) while I was looking at a picture of a region on Mars called Cydonia, this is the area which contains the "Face". This picture reminded me of an aerial shot of Giza, Egypt I once saw...
  6. Keiha

    Interesting clip :P

    I found this, found it interesting... :o NINJA!?!?!1onequestionmark
  7. M

    Interesting Rockstar Games Interview

  8. J-Dude

    What are some great or interesting HL2 mods?

    Recently I've beaten both Half Life 2 and Episode 1, and have become curious in it's amazing capabilities for modding. From what I've seen, there are some really inventive ones out there. I've seen one which mimmicks "Portal", which is a good preview, but runs into bugs and crashes far too...
  9. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Interesting news about the PS3 controller capabilities...

    I was reading up on some recent PS3 info and found out that the controller has actually been retooled to give PS3 users the best of both worlds. It comes with a rechargeable pack and cable that can be hooked up to the machine and charged, similar to the Xbox360's battery pack, except it's free...
  10. ~*Logan*~

    The Tenchi Muyo Family Tree (interesting find)

    Those of you who have watched Tenchi the OVA series or read any of the novels might find an interest in this. It does have some spoilers though, so beware. Though it does a good job of explaining who's who and their relationship to the rest of the people in the Tenchi universe. Yes, even my...
  11. KidMan

    This is pretty interesting... This guy is good with his voice.
  12. SaiyanPrideXIX

    The most unrequested but possibly interesting idea ever.

    How about a cvar to disable flying? When you swoop, you could still go in any direction, you'd just land on the ground after it was over with. I know it sounds weird but with wall and beam jumping in the game I think it could make things really interesting.
  13. Ashur

    Something interesting...

    Have a look at the vegeta in this movie ... Just do it!!! :\ And tell me does it remind you of the new vegeta...? O_o Becous it does remind me.... And the new vegeta look...
  14. N

    Interesting Intall problem

    When I tried installing ESF 1.2 from the website it gave me an error that read: Cannot initialize installation. File size expected=86209390, size returned=36232576. Anyone know what this means? Also, seeing as how that was not working I am downloading the ESF 1.2 file...
  15. Tassadar

    Interesting Reports

    My Warcraft buddy showed me some funny reports done, they're amusing.
  16. M

    An interesting plugins MIX (you would like to check this out!)

    </b> If im not mistaken - you need to install both Evolution Mods and you can crazily Acend more then 5 times per CHAR!!!
  17. X

    Interesting Flash Game... if your bored?

    DP gave me the link, anyway, I've gotten as far as placing a ring into this red box and placing a cord on the back of the radio... see DP has gotten farther than me, Im stuck D:
  18. X

    Making Ground Battles more Interesting.

    Its just a small suggestion, but it could make ground battles more interesting, since its mostly swooping and flying... Toggle Dash- When your feet are firmly on the ground and you lock on to a target your character should dash instead. You can still swoop at ground level if flying is...
  19. Snow

    First wallpaper

    Well I made a cool render in 3dsmax so I decided to make it a wallpaper, the 2d might be bad they are my first, this is my 3rd 3dsmax project: What you think?
  20. Death The Jedi

    Planetary Desctruction FINAL

    Final version. Won't be updated unless someone gives an extremley well thought out crit, and I think what they say will make it look better.