1. Mkilbride

    Blade Sympony - Inspired by the Jedi Knight series. Source Engine based, but looks good so far. I've been watching it for a few years, had a few name changes...same devs who made Dystopia. Gameplay trailer(Work in Progress) Tried to post screenshots, but they turned out super-huge, thought the forum...
  2. Eacos

    Half-Life Inspired clips!

    This short film is called What's in the box. I don't have major info on it, apart from the fact that it's really well made. This is inspired by HL2 <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  3. Kaination

    What inspired you all to make this mod?

    I sort of have a good mod in my mind, but I was wondering, What inspired you guys to start ESF? I just don't want to just give up on it, so I'm coming to the pro's. I just need the right motivation. ^^
  4. MrMasj

    Naruto inspired sketch

    Did have some sparetime so I did draw this. give crits so i know what I need to improve.
  5. Guru_San

    HL2 Inspired Sigs..

    Just some screenies i ended up addin some brushes, i wouldnt use them just wanted to show yous.. There all pretty basic but last one is worse with the empty'ness.... !_! -SaN'Jess
  6. Sorrow

    Inspired by the Ginyu .

    Well yeah, I was browsing the front page when I came across that ginyu in the news . So I kind of wanted to do my own and release it , yes for esf so don't ask that >_> . I'll jut get turks aprooval since it's his model , anyways wip : Ow yeah, a few things to say . I made the lips blue...
  7. TeKNiK

    Sprite sig (inspired by Gaara-Kun)

    yeah same ole brushing just a different day.. j/k actually i did a lot different this time Oo.. worked around the picture more than anything else.. Edit: dunno how the **** those little dots got there but I can't fix that cause I rarely save a psd after I'm finished.. so look past those damn...
  8. F

    What was ESF inspired by?

    Well, I can't help but notice that ESF is basicly exactly like my old favorite mod (Quake 3's Bid For Power) and the potential mod that never came out (DragonBall Quake). Anyway, was this by any chance a coincidence or what? P.S.: I know this mighta been posted before...but search features...
  9. N

    Inspired By Tim

    Well i liked tim his i have some of mine.. and a little of his style... i hope he likes it becouse if he dont i will remove it.. bud art isnt that sick as well it took me a long time to make bud here it is hope you guys like it After The Long Way In Hell...
  10. H

    Elysium inspired sig

    DJ Crunch from the Depthcore art group made a great beat called Elysium.. Definitely one of my favorite techno songs.. actually all his songs are great I suggest anyone reading this to give em a listen heh :smile: Anyways, I looped that song while making the sig and I definitely like...
  11. Kreshi

    inspired by SMO and DK Va$H!

    Please don´t kill me... em... the connection between arm and body looks like that: I thought I will add effects like that: I think you know why I made it like that... Here another effect to explain you better what i mean The model isn´t done! I have to...
  12. Naz

    Pro: LotT

    Heavily inspired by Lord of the Trance - Tiësto crits comments etc are welcome grtz Naz edit: color is yet to be defined
  13. SS_Vegeta

    Something i made.

    Nothing incredible or impressive. Just something inspired by my depression.