1. E

    Ki Energy and Melee Improvements

    The first thing I dont like regarding this is that Ki Energy goes out all too fast. I know you can recharge it that fast too but still. What If every attack/swoop/etc would cost alot alot alot less? Like a full energy bar would hold out for like 3-4 minutes before running out/ (energy...
  2. N

    A few graphical improvements.

    Overall, the ESF team did an amazing job with the graphical improvements that have already been implemented into the game. However, I think a couple additions would greatly enhance the overall feel of the game. My main complaint is the size of the explosions. For major beam attacks such...
  3. DiebytheSword

    Sharing my improvements on the guitar since last year.

    I started playing guitar around father's day last year, teaching myself, and getting some minor help from others (nods to Lee). Here's some stuff I recorded over my Mic, enjoy. Crits and comments welcomed, though they are really just parts of songs...
  4. VideoJinx

    1.3 Improvements

    Here are possiblities for 1.3 1) Fixing Esf Speeds: I think 1.3's speeds should be reduced down to match 1.2's speeds. Along with this change should be a New Speed System for 1.3. This new speed system could increase the speed of fighters as they give/take dmg. Meaning the more fighting you...
  5. VideoJinx

    Melee Gameplay improvements

    Recovery - I think the currenty recovery kinda slows esf down. It would be neat if this idea could be implimented. After Being hit with basic melee, instead of holding a button and preying u have enough ki to recover, you a random set of 4 arrows should be generated. - Yes the arrows can...
  6. VideoJinx

    Diversity Improvements

    I think esf should have 2 to 3 sets of each animation.. example: goku's up hit wouldnt be the same animation over an over an over an over an over an over.. it would switch up.. ive seen some games do this and it makes the game feal very orignal an smooth.. Esf needs something that gives...
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    ESF Improvements.

    Do you think that there's anything ESF should have but doesn't, something that the ESF team overlooked or made a mistake? Well, put your ideas here, but make sure they're DBZ accurate! I can only name a few: 1. When Gohan and Goku go Super Saiyan, they should stay that way even after they die...
  8. T

    ESF server improvements

    when the server is idle ( no people playing) then it uses to much cpu load it would be nice if u guys can fix thad.
  9. F

    Greats Improvements

    Well my first suggestion, I think that the character velocity can change according the power level, I mean I like play always as a normal character with out transformation and try to equal my transformed enemies, its don’t fear than they have more velocity than my if I have the same power...
  10. Ravendust

    New Attacks + Improvements for Vegeta

    Final Flash Ball: During the fight between SS2 Majin Vegeta and SS2 Goku, Vegeta fires a Final Flash at Goku, except it's a giant golden sphere instead of the traditional beam. Basically it would work as the secondary fire in the same way as the Generic Beam/Generic Ball, only obviously...
  11. I

    Problems and Improvements

    Hi there Bugs first For some my can't handdle Piccolo. When i even try use Piccolo it freezes. Mp3 PlaylistEditor2_2 says you need steam to work it when cleary got it and installed it still says you need it. Bots can't handdle beams ethier. When i use any beams at bots the game get frozen...
  12. I

    Sprit Bomb Improvements And Other Stuff

    Hi there. I was thinking maybe guys could have a team sprit bomb. Like the one in Buu Saga where all the earth's people put there hands up. For example two or more Gokus using the sprit bomb in the same place or area. Also like it can asorb attacks and become bigger. This can apply for the Death...
  13. S

    Some possible improvements..

    Here are some things i thought up the other day.. - SSJ mode How about going SSJ working as follows: It would work the same, only now when you would transform when you don't have the PL neccecary to go perfect SSJ, being in SSJ mode would slowly drain your energy (ENERGY/KI, not...
  14. S

    ideas for later improvements

    heres just one improvement to a future update of the game that i wouldnt mind seeing. it is do with destructible environments. by this i am referring to when for eg a person fires off a kamahamaha and it goes astray and plummets to the ground, i would like to see some form of hole, or any...
  15. S

    esf improvements

    does anyone know if there going too add brolly too the game hes too awesome not to be there!
  16. Q

    New Sig

    well I figured it was time to make a new sig.......this is what I came up with There are three different versions, tell me which ones you like best And of course comments and crits all always welcome
  17. V

    Improvements And Tweaks

    Ok here are some suggestions to add/mod to the game 1. Multiple transformations which I have been told is in the works i.e SSJ2, 3 Golden Monkey, and 4 for Vegeta and Goku. 2. Transformation animations, like when Goku goes SSJ the gold glow around him should flash instead of just...
  18. C

    Recommended Improvements

    Long thread but please consider. Problem with this mod is that no one punches and kicks or uses small fireballs. All they do is kamehamewave, finalblast, blah blah... I mean in Dragonball have you seen Gokou do 10 kamehame waves? Punches and kicks and small fireballs don't take off that...
  19. C

    Recommended improvements

    Long thread but please consider. Problem with this mod is that no one punches and kicks or uses small fireballs. All they do is kamehamewave, finalblast, blah blah... I mean in Dragonball have you seen Gokou do 10 kamehame waves? Punches and kicks and small fireballs don't take off...
  20. [SAS]Orion

    My newest drawing

    Yes it also has a lot of errors on it, because i'm not good at art. At least I tried :tired:
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