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Oct 29, 2002
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Long thread but please consider.

Problem with this mod is that no one punches and kicks or uses small fireballs. All they do is kamehamewave, finalblast, blah blah...

I mean in Dragonball have you seen Gokou do 10 kamehame waves?

Punches and kicks and small fireballs don't take off that much.

Can you increase the damage of the punches and kicks and small fireballs? Especially when in turbo mode the punches and kicks and small fireballs should take off more. Also, the small fireballs should be faster to deploy. Small fireballs, should be faster long range punches and kicks.

I mean, right now you might as well take out the punches and kicks and small fireballs and make the attacks pure supers.

Also the supers are very hard to target. If my enemy moves, I move the fireball towards him, I find out it's already behind him... but if the punches and kick took off more then if my super misses I could teleport in front of my enemy and start punching and kicking him...

Just an idea. I really think you need to increase the damage the punches, kicks, and small fireballs do.

How about stunning an opponent? Maybe if one person damages their opponent enough, the enemy cannot move. I mean he can punch, kick, shoot, block, but cannot move a step.

This way there will be more forced power struggles.

Or is two people punch each other at the same time, they will be stuck in a punch-kick power struggle... you know like in DragonBall where opponents punch and kick each other at super speed. Then they would have to keep pressing the fire button, whoever loses gets hurt plus is stunned. Then he will have no choice but to defend a super coming right at him.

I know the fighting power stuggle will take some time, but increasing the damage of melee attacks and increasing the speed of melee fireballs you just have to change some floating point variables. The stunning an opponent will probably need a new function... but it would be a cool feature. Also increasing the speed of the melee attacks just a little bit would look more dragonball-istic.

And i really think piccolo should continuously gain life, since that is part of his true ability. He's part lizard.

Long thread but please consider.

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