1. L

    Weapon Icon Directory?

    Where in the ESF folder do i find weapon icons?
  2. hleV

    ESF Steam Icon

    Download (81 KB, FileFront.com) (soon at HalfLife2.FileFront.com). Sticky this.
  3. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  4. Zero12

    How do i go majin in big pack 8.4v

    Well like the title says how in the name of hell do i go majin in big pack seriously its impossible i use pl changer put it to 70mli i damage my self til 10hp (emo move there)and no button or icon of some sort and i tried transforming and nothing so can someone help me.
  5. P

    How do i open ESF Open Beta: Final?

    Hey guys. I just downloaded the ESF Open Beta: Final.. But theres no shortcut or EXE in the folder.. I installed it over Steam/SteamApps/accountname/Half-life And there is no icon of the Games List either?
  6. K

    No icon

    Well hi, I'm new here.. You'll probably think this messege is really stupid, but I just gotta find out that :s For some reason, there is no icon next to the game: Here, it's just blank. Is there anything I can do?
  7. G

    One less respectable rock icon

  8. D

    ESF Icon Is Missing Or Gone Or Just not there...

    Hi I've recently Installed ESF 1.2.3 and When it appears in my steam games list I don't see an icon for Earth's Special Forces. Here's A Screen Shot I've Tried Re-Installing but that didn't change the missing icon situation. Thanks Much help is Appreciated ;)
  9. Kaination

    Aim Icon = blue?

    Yeah, why is the new AIM Icon blue? Shouldn't it be yellow? Just wondering.
  10. Kaination

    What happened to my favorite icon?!

    is now replaced with :p?!?!?! THIS IS BLASPHEMY! I loved that icon oh so much :'( I demand it be re instated! Of course, short of it causing another massive forum failure
  11. Enix

    Program Icon Works

    I have gotten into the groove for making icons. The top one is for Microsoft Word, made completly in photoshop, and the winamp icon was made in 3DSM and photoshop. I will release them if anyone wants them, there kinda fun.
  12. Greenberet

    ESF icon in the steam games menu!

    Well you all know all the valve games like HL2/CS/CSS/CZ/HL/DOD are having his own icon in the games menu from steam. But esf has it NOT. But it is possible. You dont trust me? Well here is an screenshot You want it also? No Problem! Download it from HERE. Add the next line into...
  13. V

    Valve World icon pack ADDon 1

    Hi :) It's addon to Valve World icon pack. This pack include 26 icons - 4 icons for main games and mods, 20 icons for third party mods, 3 extras (include tray icons) and Steam skin. Steam skin include icons for all "steam menu" games ;) Some mods already released, some mods will release...
  14. V

    Valve World icon pack

    Hi there :) This pack include 64 icons - 18 icons for main games and mods, 42 icons for third party mods (for ESF too) and 4 extras. Some mods already released, some mods will release soon. All icons in .png 256x256 and .ico 16x16> 128x128. Download @ Deviantart Enjoy!
  15. Killface

    esf desktop icon

    Hey can someone help me out here. I want to set my ESF desktop icon to go straight to esf instead of steam. I searched around and i found this to put in the directory "C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game esf". I tried that and it works its just that all of my levels are the half life...
  16. L

    how do i activate bots icon or where is it?

    please men explainme what should i do ....the intalation of the bots....i dont see any buton or carpet...i only see in the cstrike the podbot...nothing else
  17. dbrulz72

    Sword Icon

    Can anyone send me Trunks' sword icon?Its causing Trunks' to do a *** dance thing whenever he enters battle.
  18. E

    ESF will not run, Icon launches Counter strike through STEAM

    Like the title says, i installed it, but when i click the icon it starts up steam and runs Counterstrike. I tried to get to it through halflife, but steam won't let me get to the 'custom games' option. :(
  19. Pommy

    new art

    this is about the only art ive done lately. I havent posted in forever so I decided to post them. they where made for a program I made for aol since I am now on 56k again and its free so :smile: splash screen: main window and about window: oh yeah and put critz, i dont need negitive critz...
  20. H

    Inuyasha wallpaper

    Yeah you guys are probably getting tired of this...