1. underline

    convex hull algorithm

    I need a working approximate 2D convex hull algorithm. Anyone have one? success
  2. E

    hull file?

    i cant find the hull file for mapping, getting no answeres in mapping forum and the sticky links dont work
  3. E

    need hull file, stickey's link dont work

    it didnot come with my install... the .fgd did but not the hull file which i need
  4. S

    Compiling With Hammer, Hull File?

    How Do I Compile ESF Maps With Hammer? I've Made My Map And Hit F9. Gone Into Expert Compiling. But I'm Not Sure What To Put Here...I'm Really Gobsmacked About The Hull.txt Thing And Where To Find It. PLEASE HELP! :cry:
  5. D


    I START TO MAKE A CAPSULA CORP AND WHEN ME DO A DOOR U COULDNT GO OUT! SEE THE TROUBLE. give me solutions, plz!here the zip if anyone could give me what u like in the map and some ideas to do better like types of textures or shape for the capsule.
  6. Volrath

    Hulls... and more, HELP!

    hey guys...i neeed more help please, i don't know hot to put the hull file into my map, can someone explain it to me? and more, when i'lll create game, the map doens't appear to start the game, i have to create with another map and changelevel to my map, can anybody help me? thanks guys
  7. X

    Compiling Error

    It doesn't give me any errors in Hammer but here is the log ** Executing... ** Command: Change Directory ** Parameters: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve * Could not execute the command: Change Directory C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve * Windows gave the error message: "Access is denied."...
  8. Messiah Daz

    Bloody Compiling!! -_-"

    Ok well I worked on my map and went to compile. It didnt work. I got this when compiling. Need any more info just reply. Please help. Ive been told my maps are really good!
  9. TAz00

    Invisible Bean bags?

    When i compile a map, and play it after... the sensu bean bags are invisible, or actually they are underground. dunno why. Does anyone know why?
  10. Optional

    Compiling with Hull File

    I get an error saying that the Hull File is missing the definition. I'm using Nem's Batch Compiler...
  11. M

    Spawning off the ground

    How come whenever I make a map people cant walk directly on the ground? They are always stuck a few feet off the ground walking on air. And if i move the playerstart any lower everyone starts in the ground and cant move. wra:\
  12. E

    links for hull and fdg files

    where can i get the esfmapper file for those files, i checked the sticky's above but theyt are either not there or the links don't work...
  13. S

    Compiling Maps for ESF

    When I have compiled a map and I try to play it in ESF, I can't choose it in the list, it isn't there. Can anyone help me??? SSJ-Goku
  14. D

    help-->need hull file

    hey i wanted to know where i could the hull file... is that the only file you need to make maps for ESF?
  15. Epedemic_Optikz

    My Maps

    Hey Guys,I'm Not Lazy!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for broken links,angelfire smells like shiznat. Bonus: Water Tourney :]
  16. L

    Some questions about beta 1

    Hi... don't think this is some kind of n00b-post... it isn't (so do I hope ;) ) I've just tested the beta 1 and I love this mod. Cause I'm mapping since 3 years, I thought why not make a map for esf ? The first striking thing I found ist that the player size is really small (about 16...
  17. E

    Spawn problem

    hi guys I just started to make a map for esf! Ive already mapped for Dod and Cs but now Im gonna map a little bit for esf! My map is 1/3 completed but Ive got a problem: When I spawn, I spawn circa 60 units over the ground! I can walk and fly around but Im always over the ground. Ive got...
  18. S

    What Is That F*cking .....

    .... LINE 6 ERROR??? everytime when i run my map it sais: ********ERROR****** LINE (a number) it makes me crazy!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  19. Styles

    The new Fgd

    I was just wondering if u guys could give us the fgd file so we can map as well because most mods i know of release the fgd much earlier than the mod.
  20. Antoine3323

    Entity PROBS!!!!!

    Ok, well here is my prob!!! I was makin my map and decided that I was finished, so I added some entities for the spawn points. After that, I had a huge prob compiling!! Every entity that wasnt a func was said that it was creating a leak in Hull 3!!! And everything worked fine before I added...