1. -Origin

    Huh? What was that noise?

    I got something some of you might like. D: It's 9 MP3's from the Metal Gear Solid series, fun to use as a ringtone / textmessage sound. Dunno if anyone cares but I uploaded it anyway. Download them here.
  2. Wolf Devil

    What? Huh?

    Did daylight savings end? My computer and satellite say that all my watches and clocks are fast...
  3. S

    Uhh huh?

    I could have seen the picture wrong on the front site but I think its off a little. When Saiyans go SSJ they have gold hair and green eyes. It looked like your models had blonde hair and blue eyes. Which is the common misconception in america. I might just be colorblind and your models are in...
  4. J

    huh won't let me edit the vertex's

    this is weird coz i was following mad mxman's tutorial and then i saved it. And then i came bk the next day to finish it but now i can't edit the vertex's of my model!!! :shocked: what do i do???? plz i wanna finish my model! EDIT: and i am using 3ds max But when i try to edit a...
  5. D

    ESF + VAC2 = ...huh?

    From there was a new update for steam released yesterday, stating: Half-Life 1: Engine Servers will default to starting up using VAC2 That was the first bullet. Does that mean its mod supported? And if it is, will ESF be using Valve Anti Cheat to put an end to...
  6. Shadow-DBU

    Huh?! What the...?

    Ok, I got a problem with my Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury Im stuck rite now, so I checked a walkthrough. Well, it showed me exactly what I expected. There's supposed to be a switch somewhere, but it isn't at my game Im in Babidi's Ship, on level 3 You are supposed to find 3 switches, but I...
  7. I


    As u know im noob so il get to the point....WTF is 1.3 now out?? where i download 0_0 :confused:
  8. Zeonix


    I was just playing esf and i was fighting some guy. After pounding him, he said i was using a bot. Then he said that he finished his demo and he was going to report me. My Question is: What the hell is a bot? Was he talking about aimbot or bots that came with esf? Im confused... I'd...
  9. Warbandit

    Huh? wtf!

    due to the installation of 1.2.1, i can now create a server that people can join but it doesnt work on any other mods! i made sure sv_lan was 0 and stuff but i just dont get it!
  10. Suh Dude

    Huh? What?????!??!?

    Guess what's today? *look down of the main forums*
  11. Sicron

    huh powerstruggle?

    Ok since i cant play 1.2 coz of steam, ive been seeing ppl (or rather...seeing there typed text :p) complain about powerstruggles so my question is....what happend with the powerstruggles? what did they change :scared:
  12. T

    Y Not EVMwithESF huh?

    :laff: I just wuss wanting to no y not combind evm with 1.2 esf i mean evm has every thing esf needs 2ed and 3ed transformations 1 new move for each player goku has kaioken gohan has rage piccolo has regen and so on its perfect esf team should at least try evm1.2 and see what they thank you can...
  13. P

    Who cant wait 4 esf beta 1.2 huh :D

    while we cant wait 4 esf beta 1.2 lets talk about it wat u gonna do when u first get it .... talk about dis l337 mod!!!!!! :D when i get this im gonna go make a lan server then try all da new shiat out den ....
  14. F

    Something that caught my eyes

    well i was looking around the forum and i saw a ssj4 goku that resembled a work done by me and ri0 and i didnt see any credits to US so i am wondering if he really made it b/c i see ALOT of remsemblence in this pic
  15. I


    hey my computer was reinstalled lately and i was to lazy to install half life hl update and esf so i wonder is esf beta 1.1 or an further version available
  16. A


    Hi, can you tell me how the bots can always counter my melee atacks? when i rush on the bot he kick me back far away... THX PS: my english sux coz im french :p
  17. Sonic the Vampire

    Randomly homing attacks, huh?

    So I was kicking it in a random room called ESF Beta 1.1 or something in a few minutes ago and I noticed a rather strange completely random encounter... one of my kame torpedos took off at a 90 degree angle from which I fired it off and homed in on a near by enemy who was in the middle of a...
  18. I

    1.0 models need to be reanimated for 1.1

    Yes, its true, basically you need to reanimate your 1.0 models or it'll look aucward. I've replaced all the models in 1.1 with the 1.0 i downloaded and they all have aucward animations
  19. M

    Can anyone make me ?

    Can anyone make me wolfwoods cross of trigun, compile in a v and p world view ? thx its for a mod, your name will have the credits
  20. X


    i made a poll.. please select