1. Rebirah

    Comp HOT

    Ok I was playin sim city 4 and was kinda a new city and then a blue screen poped up then the comp restarted so I was like weird... then I restarted palyed again and it restarted again I was like WTF... I went into my bios finding my 1700+ (Not overclocked) was at 60c!!! (140f) My god! I just...
  2. Q


    Im not sure if this is Indy or not, So ill just post it and yall can tell me what it is. Also I need some tips on the text, Anyone? Id love some comments etc. Also, This is my very first time at Indy art. P.S. Renders came from Wogasm. Thanks man. EDIT: Here is another one I need to...
  3. D

    hot make make sigs

    well just like in the name how do u make sigs do u have to be a good drawer or wat
  4. Rebirah

    Hot !!

    Last night I saw this video on Toms Hardware where it showed what would happen if u took the heatsink off the chip while running and wow! the AMD went up in smoke!! Check this out! Wow!! I have an amd but I still love it! Plus my motherboard has a temp warning so At 100c it will turn off :)
  5. G

    whats the new models these days

    yo what the new models are they out come on all trunks is hott as hell yo my name is (*Fp*) German-sayian on esf look for me mostly on Fp princes room come in
  6. G

    yo can anyone also make a glacier map when the sayian fought super 13 reply

    yo that should be hott going though the glaciers and all going under water and everything come on ppl help me
  7. Vegeta's Briefs

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit/High Stakes

    Any of you have this game? heh heh...I do. I have both of them, in fact. They're cool. Anyhoo, list what you do to your cars.. 1. Style: Jaguar 2. Color: Blue...dark or light varies 3. License: BAD1, and SPDRCR (Speed Racer, lol) 4. Favorite Passtime: Donuts and driving backwards. 5...
  8. M

    VASH T.S wip its kinda near completetion now i think ill post up some wackky animations
  9. B

    Gohan with Cape And ssj2 Gohan Battle Damage

    Hi all i edit a little bit Sbolts Gohan *at Sbolt :) i make a little bit Battle Damage And il remodel a little gohan1 from esf *credit to Modler fom this :) i put from gohan 1 the head on sbolt gohan body and cape looks funny Thx to tha Real Modler :) Images: And download...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    my xmas present to u guys lol

    i just wanted to show this new wp that i made. im loving 3ds max btw if u r a DA member u can comment on it there aswell. my account name is socketto
  11. G

    W00t tribute to Goku!

    Alright check this one, not so hot off the press, its like a few months old but none the less I like it, I think I did this pic in like 15-20 minutes (copy and Paste)
  12. T

    OMG Ryoko and the Stinger double team

    Well heres another nice line art pic of ryoko for you guys. Made by no one other then Ryoko himself :D And whats a picture without out colour eh. So heres the cged version by me :D yeah and i know the hight lighted parts on the hair don't look to hot.
  13. Naz

    Omniatrix.]->> [WP]

    Hope anyone likes it :) enjoy! grtz Naz
  14. DJ-Ready has got a new hot layout...

    i thought the old one is a lil bit boring, so i decidet to make a new dah ya like it? plz check out the poll on the site about the layout
  15. G

    Hottest Dbz Chick

    bulma or 18? im gnna choose .......ummm........18