1. Tsunami

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    So, who else is excited about this game besides me? Finally, NFS is going back to its original roots. Fast. Cop. Chases. This game looks like...
  2. Delusional

    Racism! (A hot topic)

    Ok, I'm 16 here, and I'm quite sick of getting called a racist (I'm white FYI). Now here's my outlook on things: The word "******" can be used to define both a black, or white person. The word "Cracker" is the "Black Person's" way of calling a white person a "******". Most people see the...
  3. Suh Dude

    Girls + Hot Cheetos = ?

    So a friend told me that girls that eat Hot Cheetos, make their weewee smell. I don't know if its true but I wanted to ask if anyone experienced such tragic thing or can prove its right or wrong. O_o
  4. Kaination

    Damn that's spicy! Hot fuzz.

    Who here has seen this movie? I saw it last night with my friend and man, that was a ****ing epic movie. The first 1/2 is a tee bit slow, with a few laughs here and there, but then once it gets there, out of no where the funny factor sky rockets by like 300x. :warning:Spoiler::warning...
  5. S

    Anyone hot on HL2?

    I've been dabbling with quite a few engines this year at work, though the source one is being the most unforgiving. Has anyone had any luck with 3d studio max, exporting to hl2? I've done a bit of allsorts of physics objects, weapons, cars etc... but I'm sort of stuck in the ground when it...
  6. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Tom Petty should sue the Red Hot Chili Peppers -_- That's just.. Low :/
  7. Ravendust

    Oblivion goes 'Hot Coffee'

    ...and gets pulled from the shelves and re-rated. Sexual content (a nipple) hidden on the disc that can only be accessed through a third-party modification. Sound familiar? The game is now rated Mature.
  8. ZeroNightmare

    damn its hot tonight...

    i cant sleep. cus i got out at 12:30 and slept for 4 hours. but regardless, its hot as hell tonight. ugh, is it getting warm where any of you guys live?
  9. Kyo


    sooo sexy
  10. ~*Logan*~

    The Sims 2 worse than Hot Coffee I was nice....understanding his side of the hot coffee story....still thought he was a freaking idiot but I just shrugged it off. But now...he's TOO GOD DAMN MOTHER ****ING FAR!!!! Jack Thompsan needs to die. He's digging far too...
  11. I

    CHeck This OUt hot beatboxxin :|:|

    check this **** out my people.. quality beatbox like razhel soon alot of doooope and new audios this is cool 2 tho!! luv
  12. Suh Dude

    Hot and Cold noodles?

    Does anyone know where to get these or what these things are called in Chinese, thailand, or what ever? I've been looking for it. No one speaks english in the thailand resturant I've aten. It can be powder, sauce, w/e. Just tell me. >_< Very appreciated, Thanks. ^_^
  13. SailorAlea

    Video Card Running Hot

    Noticed awhile ago that my video card is running about 10 degrees hotter than it used to. I noticed my fans and air-intake screens were very dirty--so I cleaned them out. No real difference in temperature. The card isn't obstructed, the case is in a well ventilated area, and all the fans are...
  14. T

    Hot secks

    My teacher asked me to do some art for a contest so I did. It's all abstract brushing in PS. I wish I still had c4d it'd look way better with a render on there :-/ Anyway C&C please
  15. U

    Bums bums bums! hot sexy bums!

    Talkn about hobo's without jobs.... not what you're thinkn you perv. Fact in America: You have a bad streak of luck (maybe you got laid off from your big corporate job), you pay your bills on a paycheck by paycheck basis. Of course, you are laid off. And it takes atleast a week before you can...
  16. S

    Am I hot or am I not? =0

    OLD NEW Well?
  17. Soulicro

    Hot 'n Cold

    Inspired by Basement Jaxx music, Kish Kash album. I advise you to listen :] I call it Hot 'n Cold... Reminds me of a transition between something hard to something soft, and i thought of the name hot 'n cold. Enjoy viewing: Thanks for viewing... Critz?
  18. T

    does this look nice for a cover

    This is should be the cover of my first manga but I'm wondering if it looks good enough. If it's good enough I will start to color it.
  19. Eider

    WIP (3th one) -> NEW !!! Female Model

    Okay, This is a complete new female model I made today credits go to Xstortionist for his trunks (i used his head :p) Triangles 669 !!! Okay, CRITS !!!!!!!!! but before u do: I will NOT remodel those damn skinny legs, im to damn lazy
  20. Wangster

    its getting DAMN HOT in herrrrr

    lol, my lil bro made his second WP! w00t, its sooooo hot. crits? opinions? owyeah, i already told him imaged are badly cut. so darn hot. :yes: