1. Nemix

    Highest Resolution for textures?

    What is the highest resolution for a texture for a half-life model? I've seen 512x512 is there any way you could get a higher resolution?
  2. Dokutayuu

    Highest PL gamemode?

    What if instead of getting frags to win you need to gain the most PL (not have the highest, although this could be optional). This could work for teams aswell. However to stop " Oh *insert name* is gaining a lot of PL rapidly, let's beat the beandip out of him" the PLs could update only...
  3. Ravendust

    Highest speed you're comfortable with...

    What's the highest speed you can play with comfortably without going too fast that you can't control fully? 1.1 players will obviously be used to playing with higher speeds than 1.2 newcomers, but i'm interested to find out what the heighest and lowest are. It doesn't neccesarily have to be...
  4. S

    highest pl

    what is the highest u have ever gotten ur power level in a normal server. Meaning one with human players and not super bots and stuff. also i mean as at a normal state unless u are any of the players that cant decend. mine was 37 mill as vegeta heres a screen shot. It took a couple hours and...
  5. D

    Whats the Highest level you've ever reached?

    AS.... Goku: 62,mil /w SSJ Buu: 9 mil, trans Cell: 18 mil, trans Gohan: 23 Mil as SSJ Krillin: 4 Mil -.- Frieza: Like 6 mil... with trans Piccolo: 123 MIL!! :) Vegeta: 99 mil.... Trunks: 262 mil. (2 hours of wishing, I was so strong that I could kill a ssj gohan with 3 ki blasts)
  6. B

    Highest Power Level while in first transformation??

    My highest has been like 9.5 mil with SSJ Goku while in turbo. What about you guys?
  7. E

    The highest pl youve ever seen.

    Whats the highest pl youve ever seen in esf. The most was 650 million with piccolo trans, my friend did it in 1.0 The highest pl ive seen in 1.1 is 254 million, done by me. Two hours worth of wishing in cellarena_b2 can get you that high. I had 103 million at base pl.
  8. I

    Highest Power Level

    What was the Hightest Powerlevel you ever had? Mine was :devgrin: 2,426,378,280:devgrin: I Played a whole Nigth trough one Map so it was much work but It was Fun.
  9. U

    Aura question

    I hate doing this cause its off topic :\ :S but a few days ago the transformation aura was released my question is how to put your graphics on highest cause i thought mine were but when i transform i have the aura like in the normal graphic picture can somebody help me with this...
  10. *HurleyBoy*

    Whats your highest power lvl on ESF?

    In this thread lets hear whats your highest power level you have ever got in ESF? mine was 234,149,745. :talk:
  11. Vengaurd

    highest PL?

    whats the highest power level youve ever achieved? mine was: goku, ssj, turbo on- 322,026,863 the only problem is, once you get to about 150 million your beams start to loose power and you have to resort to melee or palm trusts, or spirit bomb if you have the time
  12. D

    What's your highest PL in Beta so far?

    This is a screenshot I took last night when I was playing against some {APE} guys. It took like....2-2.5 hours...but it was worth it. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!
  13. L33T ha4or

    highest number of guests

    whats the highest number of guests you ever seen on the forum at the time of writing theres 25
  14. S

    Your Highest PL In Esf!

    Mine was 50 millions. without cheating! then the server crashed :D hey eerrmm thats not funny :cry: it was really hard with goku. ok my genkidama/spiritbomb trick is killin most ppl, but it was hard. and long. what was your highest? hmmm i know that ppl will tell sum lies with that they...